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Navigating the Security Landscape: A Guide to Technologies and Providers

Navigating the Security Landscape

Your guide on all things cybersecurity.

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So much technology. So many vendors. Who does what?

Our poster helps you plot your course. Click on the image below to fully explore technology providers in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Technology Map

Then let's define the technology and vendor map it: It’s all here in one easy to read, searchable e-book.

We did the heavy lifting for you. Take advantage of our research as we leverage our deep cybersecurity expertise in more than 50 vendor technologies – and close partnerships with more than 350 technology providers – to help you navigate an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

Navigating the Security Landscape: A Guide to Technologies and Providers is a resource to help technology buyers achieve better, more specific security outcomes.

This guide provides an agnostic overview of the current cybersecurity technology landscape, free of guidance and recommendations, since every business has a unique environment and security profile. Things like:


Data Discovery and Classification, Data Loss Prevention, e-Discovery, Encryption, File Integrity Protection, Database Security, Public Key Infrastructure, Data Access Governance, Rights Management, Secure Collaboration, Tokenization, Blockchain


Monitoring and Operations, Change Management, Orchestration and Automation, Vulnerability Assessment and Management, Threat Detection and Analysis, Incident Management and Response


Network, Data Center, Endpoint


Cloud Application Security




Software Composition Analysis, Web Application Firewall /Runtime Application, Self-Protection, Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing, AppSec Program Management


Identity and Access Management, Access Governance, Privileged Access Management, Data Access Governance, IoT/ICS, Internet of Things/Industrial Control Systems Analytics

This is a resource you’ll turn to for answers.

Navigating the Security Landscape WhitePaper

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