Network Penetration Testing

Improve IT security with Optiv's network penetration testing. We take a proactive approach to information technology security to find vulnerabilities.

Improve Security with Network Penetration Testing

A mature, proactive approach to information technology security will find vulnerabilities in your IT systems – before a hacker can. Network penetration testing can help evaluate your network’s ability to withstand attack and uncover potential points of weakness that could be exploited by a malicious actor.


Effective network penetration testing requires a partner with proven methodology and deep expertise in the many ways an adversary might exploit critical vulnerabilities. That’s why so many leading companies turn to Optiv when choosing a penetration testing provider.


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Network Penetration Testing with Optiv

Optiv was formed in 2015 from the merger of two leading IT security companies, Accuvant and FishNet Security. Today we are the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber securities solutions provider in North America. Our team of security experts and thought leaders is dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive services, solutions and technology to manage an effective security program. From security strategy and threat modeling to security architecture and managed security services, we provide anything and everything our clients need to better protect their organizations.


Our network penetration testing team has helped thousands of organizations to uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their technology, processes and people. Our proven testing methodology results in actionable steps for remediating vulnerabilities and better securing your systems. As a result of network penetration testing, you’ll be able to better understand your vulnerabilities as well as the actions that can help you make informed decisions about risk management strategies for your business.


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Our Network Penetration Testing Services

When performing network penetration testing, we emulate the strategies of hackers to help uncover critical vulnerabilities and provide guidance for remediation. We reveal potential access points to critical systems and help you shut down attack pathways. Our disciplined approach to network penetration testing can help you significantly reduce your attack surface.


Our network penetration testing services include:


  • Vulnerability Discovery to identify, quantify and rank the severity of vulnerabilities in your network
  • Security Controls Assessment to evaluate your enterprise security efforts at a technical and program level to identify points of failure in various controls, technologies and procedures
  • Risk Validation to conduct network penetration testing from various perspectives to understand, quantify and document the real-world risk of a potential attack scenario
  • Breach Simulation to identify points of weakness by simulating the actions of an attacker, using subterfuge and distraction to exploit critical systems, exfiltrate data and mimic an actual breach


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