Network Management and Security

What is Network Security Management?

Network security management is growing more complex by the day. Threats to network security continue to evolve. Compliance mandates are providing new challenges while trends toward mobile connectivity and Bring Your Own Device (BYOB) add additional complexity. As networks become more sophisticated, network security administrators are saddled with less visibility but greater expectations for solving problems quickly. New technology is constantly being developed to help improve network security management, but choosing effective solutions from an overabundance of network security products takes the kind of time and expertise few in-house IT teams possess.


That’s where Optiv can help. Our highly skilled team of seasoned network security management professionals and subject matter experts provide a wide range of network security services to help you decipher new technology and select the improvements that are right for your infrastructure and sort out the real threats from security noise.


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Network Security Management with Optiv


With more than 50 consultants dedicated to network security management policies and solutions, we have the skills and expertise to efficiently handle any network security management needs. Our services include:


  • Technology assessment, identification and selection to help you choose the most appropriate technology for your network security management requirements
  • Readiness assessment to determine your overall preparedness for implementation
  • Network design for optimal configuration
  • Implementation and migration, taking into account your IT resources, corporate policies, and existing technologies
  • Health check and network security monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of your network security management solutions
  • Integration and upgrades to create more responsive and agile network systems
  • Additional services including architecture review, wireless site surveys and network mapping.


Our network security management specialists can help you to:


  • Assess your current infrastructure and align network security management requirements with goals for business performance
  • Select technologies and strategies based on your security, compliance and business goals
  • Optimize, configure and tune your network security management technologies to increase efficiency and security
  • Develop a secure network design with help from network security experts
  • Maximize the value from your investments in technology using proven implementation and integration strategies


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