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Network Security Monitoring

Protect Your Organization through Network Security Monitoring

Network security monitoring is an essential part of any network security program. No network security products are impenetrable – attackers and threats will eventually find a way to breach your network. The right network security monitoring technology will alert you when attacks are underway, providing accurate and timely details that allow you to quickly respond before threats can wreak havoc on your network.

Optiv provides network security services and superior network security monitoring that enable you to draw insights from data and properly protect, operate and refine your network defenses.

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Network Security Monitoring with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play IT security services provider in North America. Created from the 2015 merger of Accuvant and FishNet Security, Optiv helps clients plan, build and manage successful security programs by selecting the right mix of services, solutions and products.

Our team includes more than 50 consultants dedicated to network security solutions, providing our clients with the skills and expertise to efficiently handle any project. With more than 500 network security projects completed in the last year, we have the insight to effectively solve network security problems and provide unprecedented value for clients.

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Our Network Security Monitoring Services

The Optiv team can help you identify the right technologies for your network security monitoring technologies and how they will be implemented and integrated into your environment. We also provide training and frontline technology product support as a single point of contact for troubleshooting issues related to your network security monitoring technology.

Optiv’s network security monitoring services include:

  • Logging to analyze your security posture by capturing, retaining and analyzing events, activity and other information from your network and network devices
  • Packet capture and analysis to understand the vulnerabilities and attacks that may impact your IT security
  • Security intelligence and SIEM to combine data from a variety of sources, correlate activity, initiate alerts on triggering events for escalation, and ensure compliance with data retention and reporting requirements
  • Anomaly detection and analytics to identify abnormal activity by first understanding what normal activity looks like on your network
  • Intelligence feeds to capture up-to-the-minute information of events on your network to protect against emerging threats
  • eDiscovery to ensure that electronically stored information is correctly collected and preserved for admission and presentation in a court of law

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