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Network Security Products

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Network Security Products

As threats to your network evolve at a rapid pace, selecting the right network security products to defend against them becomes increasingly difficult. Managing enterprise network security is even more challenging when you add additional complexities like compliance mandate, Bring Your Own Device (BYOB) and mobility to the mix. Choosing the best network security products for your environment can help to improve visibility and protect the network from threats large and small.

When you need expert advice in choosing the right mix of network security products for your environment and your security goals, the seasoned security professionals at Optiv provide comprehensive network security services.

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Network Security Products Consulting from Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play IT security solutions provider in North America. Created from the merger of Accuvant and FishNet Security, our team has served more than 12,000 clients large and small in a wide variety of industry verticals.

Our highly experienced network security management professionals provide a wide range of network security solutions and services to help you decipher new technology, determine which improvements are right for your infrastructure, and sort out the real threats from security noise.

Our consulting services can help you evaluate your current infrastructure, select the right network security products for your environment and determine your readiness for implementation.

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Our Consulting Services for Network Security Products

Our network security team provides services for network security products that include:

  • Readiness assessment to determine your readiness to deploy, support and gain value from the range of network security products
  • Technology summits to get a unified perspective on new network technology across your security, compliance, IT and audit leadership
  • Technology assessment to validate decisions around network security products and discover the best fit for your organization
  • Architecture review to ensure your network infrastructure aligns with your business requirements
  • Wireless site survey to design placement of access points in order to optimize a WLAN deployment
  • Network mapping to identify and map unknown parts of the network, providing your administrators with greater visibility
  • Managed security services that serve as a remote extension of your security staff, providing essential knowledge and security procedures to monitor the health and security of your network and to quickly identify, analyze and respond to threats
  • Training services to address the technical and human elements of your network security defenses

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