Optiv + Measured Insurance


Bridging the Gap Between Cyber Insurance and Cybersecurity



Measured Insurance + Optiv Infuses cybersecurity strategy and advisory support into the cyber insurance process.


Measured Insurance and Optiv work together to close the gap between cyber insurance and cybersecurity. Your organization can achieve and maintain insurability based on a cybersecurity strategy right-sized for your business and insurability needs.


Measured’s analytics help to quantify your cyber exposure pre-incident and customize post-incident loss mitigation services. Optiv offers cybersecurity expertise, exclusive coaching services and access to services that align with Measured’s underwriting and policy renewal requirements.

Our combined resources help you manage cyber risk today and prepare you to respond to and recover from the unknown cyber threats of tomorrow.

Optiv + Measured


The Optiv-Measured team offers a unified perspective that simplifies cyber insurance and cybersecurity planning and implementation – and increases cybersecurity maturity over time.



Optiv+Measured Services


To get started, please complete the form and select the cybersecurity services that best meet your needs. After we receive the information, an Optiv representative will contact you to schedule time with a client advisor who can answer questions about each service and discuss next steps.