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Start with Optiv’s Security Strategy Assessment today to learn how to get started or refine your security program, and to learn more about how RSA can provide value to your network.

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Start with Optiv’s Security Strategy Assessment today to learn how to get started or refine your security program, and to learn more about how RSA can provide value to your network.

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Optiv + RSA


Together for Stronger Security

Aligning Security Management with Business Goals

Breaches and the damage they inflict are on the rise. Subsequently, scrutiny for enterprise security is also higher than ever within organizations. That is why Optiv and RSA® are working together to help clients improve the way they manage security across the network and align to business objectives. Together we are able to deliver threat detection and response, identity and access assurance and business risk management. RSA’s technology and Optiv’s services create a combined solution that enable you to accelerate business while mitigating identity risk, empower security analysts to be more productive and resolve threats faster, and develop an effective business risk management program. Optiv and RSA combine best-in-class services and products that will bring together security requirements and technology investments to align to business goals.

RSA Awards




In a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, Optiv has enabled more than 7,600 clients and developed the best results to help you achieve the desired outcomes and value for your security programs. You’ll gain access to expert industry sales, pre-sales and post-sales resources.



Optiv has invested in ensuring the highest levels of delivery available to provide optimal security solutions worldwide. Optiv is one of RSA’s few partners with the ability to resell and provide services for all product lines.



Optiv has proven methodologies and experience, enabling over 175 RSA clients in 2017 to develop successful business security programs.

Optiv and RSA
Archer® Suite

Optiv and RSA
NetWitness® Suite

Optiv and RSA
SecurID® Suite

"Optiv’s consultative approach with clients helps elevate security discussions with executives, which allows for better understanding of the security industry and the benefits gained through the Optiv and RSA partnership.”

- Amy Blackshaw Sr. Director, Threat Detection and Response, RSA NetWitness

Analyst Accolades


  • Ranked Number 21 in the Hot 150 List of Cybersecurity Companies, 2019.
  • Earned Frost & Sullivan 2019 Leadership Award.
  • Recognized by Forrester Research as a Strong Performer in The Forrester WaveTM: Global Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q2 2019.
  • Ranked 27th in the CRN 2019 Solution Provider 500 of the top solution providers in North America.
  • 2018 CRN Recognition for Excellence in MSS.


  • 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM
  • 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management
  • 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Vendor Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Awards 2017 – Best Overall Provider – RSA Archer®
  • Forrester WaveTM Leader in Security Analytics Platforms – RSA NetWitness® Suite

Optiv Services

Optiv provides a wide range of services for RSA products including resale, identification and selection, implementation and integration, optimization, and support.



Identification and Selection

Optiv’s proven approach helps you determine the most appropriate technology for your dynamic business and technical requirements.


Proof of Concept

We provide a limited implementation into your testing environment to validate product features and functionality, and to gain hands-on experience prior to your implementation.



Optiv designs your technology implementation for optimal configuration to support your business needs.



Quick Start

We help you deploy RSA technologies into your existing environment using a standard Quick Start configuration.



Optiv provides full integration services that include custom integrations, documentation and knowledge transfer.



Our services help you seamlessly move from your existing platform to your new RSA technology, and include documentation and knowledge transfer.



Our unique industry view provides insight into the technologies that best fit your situation, and our continuum of services complements your chosen technologies throughout their entire lifecycle.



Managed Network Detection and Response

Delivers 24x7 threat monitoring, alert investigation and event and file analysis through data analytics and full packet capture technology.



Optiv’s technology-specific optimization services help you ensure the effectiveness of your equipment. We provide technology recommendations as well as operational process, personnel, training and configuration recommendations.



We help you upgrade or replace your existing hardware or software with the latest version to improve functionality and stability.



Optiv technology experts integrate your new or existing information security products to create responsiveness and agility that the solutions cannot provide on their own.


Health Check

Optiv offers a high-level review of your current technology solutions complete with recommendations for improvement.


Staff Augmentation

For organizations seeking to augment their in-house teams with skilled external IT security talent.


Start with Optiv’s Security Strategy Assessment today to learn how to get started or refine your security program, and to learn more about how RSA can provide value to your network.

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