Optiv + BlackBerry Cylance

Prepare, Prevent, Detect and Respond With Cylance AI



Enterprises today face an increasingly chaotic environment where cyber threats are more sophisticated and pervasive. At the same time, enterprise endpoints and the amount of data shared at the edge are growing exponentially. Together, cybersecurity threats and endpoint chaos are putting organizations at risk while cutting into employee productivity and increasing IT costs and complexity. For an enterprise to understand and mitigate risks is more important than ever.


BlackBerry Cyber Suites leverage true artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to provide improved cyber threat prevention and remediation. Its secure unified endpoint management solution helps reduce costs and complexity with increased automation and enhanced user experience.





  • Unified Endpoint Security (UES)

  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

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Why Optiv + BlackBerry Cylance

The Optiv and BlackBerry Cylance partnership provides clients with mature and effective AI and machine learning endpoint security protection solution.  


Optiv offers a comprehensive portfolio of security operations services designed to help you connect, protect and secure your environments with BlackBerry Cylance technology solutions. Our experienced security professionals enable your organization to quickly identify, analyze and respond to potential security threats utilizing BlackBerry Cylance AI-powered solutions. We can effectively monitor and manage your security environment and even serve as an extension of your team.

BlackBerry Cylance Initiatives

BlackBerry Cylance Cybersecurity for Zero Trust

Zero Trust should be the goal of every security team. This methodology is ready to address the flexibility and challenges of modern hybrid work. Assessing and implementing Zero Trust entails an expert technology partner, which is why organizations choose BlackBerry ZTA powered by Cylance AI to protect their people, data and networks.

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