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Checkmarx enables worldwide customers to code boldly and securely. We make security simple for developers, allowing them to build groundbreaking software, safely and at speed. With Optiv, we’re here to help you build security into your organization’s DNA, allowing your teams to create tomorrow’s code with confidence.


Together for Stronger Security

Deliver Secure Software Faster with Checkmarx and Optiv


With software everywhere, everything becomes an attack surface. And while “everything” certainly sounds daunting, don’t panic, we’ve got your back.


Recent studies show that 80% of all applications contain vulnerabilities, and 30% of successful attacks take place at the application layer. We call that a red flag. This is where we come in.


Checkmarx’s suite of products enables developers to develop securely without slowing them down. Checkmarx integrated into the DevSecOps process to accelerate DevOps and get applications to production quickly and securely without interrupting or adding friction to developer workflows.



Why Clients Choose Optiv And Checkmarx


  • 500+ technology consultants on staff
  • 140+ threat management consultants
  • Over 1,500 years combined threat experience
  • We serve more than 7,000 clients in 65+ countries
    • 81% of Fortune 100
  • 10,000 security technology projects delivered annually
  • 800+ field staff dedicated to client success
  • 1,500 cybersecurity experts in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, aerospace, government, oil and gas

Securing Software Development From Square One


Optiv’s AppSec services help to identify and minimize security risks around the software development process. By pairing our team’s specialized knowledge and skills with Checkmarx’s industry-leading automated scanning technology, we can programmatically mitigate security challenges throughout the entire lifecycle of development. Best of all, the Checkmarx solution’s seamless integration with DevOps processes means that you don’t have to sacrifice productivity to ensure your application’s security.


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Implementation and Integration


Optiv’s Implementation and Integration services help break down security technology silos to maximize the effectiveness of your security program. We improve agility and boost your investments by integrating Checkmarx technologies into your existing environment.

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Application Security


Our AppSec services reduce security risks by helping organizations design and build mature application security programs.



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Orchestration and Automation


Increase efficiencies by automating duplicative and manual business functions, processes and tools. We help clients unlock hidden ROI and run their organization securely and efficiently.

Checkmarx Solutions

Source Code Scanning – CxSAST
Secure Your Code from the Start


With CxSAST, you can run fast and accurate incremental or full scans whenever you need them. Trust our industry-leading SAST solution to give you the flexibility, accuracy, and coverage to secure your most critical code commits, within your rule sets, at scale.


Secure Code Training – CxCodebashing 
The AppSec Awareness Solution for DevOps


First the bad news: You’re not going to build a robust security culture (throughout the software development lifecycle) by training your developers once a year, or even once a quarter.


With so much change running through both the SDLC and the security landscape, “once in a while training” simply aren’t enough. Frankly, changing culture by raising AppSec awareness isn’t about inserting a step in the SDLC. It's about inserting awareness into every step (of the SDLC) in a way that actually fuels faster, more secure releases.


Now the good news: This is exactly what Codebashing does, using ongoing communication and just-in-time training made up of fun, snackable content.


Checkmarx Software Security Platform – CxAST Cloud 
The first security platform for the cloud development generation


The Checkmarx Software Security Platform is a suite of security technologies that seamlessly injects application security across the entire SDLC.


With software at the heart of digital transformation, ensuring it remains secure from a developer's first code commit through the push to production is essential. Securing this complex landscape of custom code, open-source components, infrastructure as code (IaC), containers, and more requires a solution your teams can trust to fully address risks without slowing you down.


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What's Next?


To get started, ask your local Optiv representative about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and Checkmarx can help you strengthen and optimize your security program.


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