Optiv + HashiCorp

Build Infrastructure That Solves Real-World Problems



HashiCorp is an infrastructure software company with a unique approach: rather than focusing on technologies for their own sake, how about building workflows designed to solve real-world problems? Here’s where HashiCorp’s multi-cloud infrastructure works its magic, providing a comprehensive suite of automation products that help organizations transition to and operate in the cloud seamlessly. 





  • Zero Trust Security - Trust nothing. Authenticate and authorize everything.

  • Database Credential Rotation  - Reduce the risk of breaches and credential leakage.

  • Encryption Everywhere - Protect sensitive data across clouds, applications and systems.

  • Auditing and Compliance - Improve auditing and compliance across cloud infrastructure.

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Why Optiv + HashiCorp?

While cloud adoption continues to soar, there’s no hitting the pause button on business during the transition process. An effective hybrid model enables delivery of essential services, communications tools and entertainment platforms to the world without interruptions or friction. HashiCorp’s suite of multi-cloud infrastructure products, along with Optiv’s Orchestration and Automation experts, stand ready to help organizations run, secure, deploy and connect their mission-critical applications in the cloud era.

HashiCorp Initiatives


HashiCorp Vault helps provide the foundation for modern multi-cloud security. Purpose-built in the cloud era, the Vault authenticates and accesses various clouds, systems and endpoints to centrally store, access and deploy secrets (API keys, credentials, etc.). Best of all, it provides a simple workflow to encrypt data both in flight and at rest.

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