Optiv + Keysight

Eliminate Security Blind Spots and Validate Your Security Architecture


Keysight delivers advanced visibility and validation solutions to connect and secure the world. Visibility solutions (network packet brokers, taps and CloudLens) eliminate security blind spots in hybrid networks. Threat Simulator continuously validates enterprises’ security architectures to ensure they are working as defined to detect and stop threats.


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Keysight Specializations:


  • Network security
  • Cloud-native security
  • Hybrid network visibility
  • Breach and attack simulation


Optiv and Keysight Together for Stronger Security


Optiv and Keysight help clients build and maintain leading endpoint security combined with a Zero Trust approach and robust service and management.  Together, we make every IT connection smarter and secure across devices, infrastructure and people. We make the everywhere workplace possible.

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Benefits of Optiv + Keysight


  • Security products are more effective because they have valuable data and are configured properly
  • Save money by only purchasing the tools you need and using them more efficiently
  • Scalability: provide your tools the data they require as your hybrid network grows

Keysight Initiatives


Learn more about areas where Keysight is innovating below.

Zero Trust

The Zero Trust model of security is increasingly being adopted by enterprise and government security teams worldwide, and with good reason. Perimeter-focused security architectures that default to high-trust levels on internal networks are ill-suited for today’s edgeless enterprises that increasingly support mobile and remote workers as well as large numbers of IoT devices. There isn’t one single Zero Trust solution. But, with Keysight, Optiv, and our partnerships, you can have simplified Zero Trust.

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