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By leveraging the Micro Focus set of integrated security, risk and governance solutions, deep domain expertise and industry-leading analytics, Optiv is uniquely positioned to help organizations protect digital identities, apps and data.  Our cybersecurity solutions allow customers to protect what matters most. Get started today with a security assessment from Optiv’s Threat Management practice.


Together for Stronger Security


Protecting identities, applications, and data to power and secure digital transformation.

As one of the world’s largest software companies, Micro Focus helps customers move faster, have greater agility, secure what matters most, and provide critical insights.  We deploy the four pillars of digital transformation: speed, agility, security and insights. By design, our tools bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies, so customers can run and transform at the same time.  We’re driven by customer-centric innovation and our software provides the critical tools you need to build, operate, secure, and analyze the enterprise.


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Why clients choose Optiv for Micro Focus:

  • We serve 7,000+ clients in 65+ countries including 81% of the Fortune 100
  • 10,000 Security technology projects delivered annually
  • 800+ Field staff dedicated to client success
  • 500+ Technology consultants on staff
  • 15 years is the average experience of Optiv’s Identity and Data Management team
  • Certified cybersecurity experts in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, aerospace and government

Smart solutions for a seamless digital transformation journey


As organizations embrace the benefits of digital transformation, protecting the expanding attack surface is critical. Optiv’s unique approach helps organizations to identify vulnerabilities and malicious activity faster, reduce threats and enhance visibility across modern attack surfaces. Our cybersecurity services and experts help break down security technology silos and maximize the effectiveness of your Micro Focus investment. Together, we deliver digital transformation solutions for a holistic security program to help you protect what matters most—identities, applications, and data.


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Current state analysis, requirements, use cases, roadmap and strategic direction.

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Translate identity, data and business requirements into security recommendations and strategy.

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Solution execution with program and project management expertise.


Micro Focus Solutions



Minimize Threat Exposure


At Micro Focus, we believe that the best security posture comes from a strong human-machine team that leverages the strengths of each: Faster-than-human analysis by machines to identify leads for investigation, and the contextual understanding of SOC analysts and threat hunters. Our forward-thinking security operations products do just that: you can detect threats in real-time with powerful SIEM and cutting-edge analytics; collect, log, and distribute data on an open data platform; and integrate your SOAR solutions to minimize exposure time. Our Next-Gen Security Operations offer real-time threat detection, machine-learning analytics, and SOAR integrations.


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Fix at the Speed of DevOps


With Micro Focus, you can build, secure and find security issues early. Automated application security helps developers and AppSec pros eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software. Fortify offers end-to-end application security solutions with the flexibility of testing on-premises and on-demand to scale and cover the entire software development lifecycle.


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Data Security and Encryption Solutions


Voltage encryption secures data persistently across hybrid IT – at rest, in motion and in use.  Voltage SecureData encrypts sensitive data at field level in analytic platforms and data lakes, providing increased access to secure analytics for faster insights and reducing the risk of a breach or data misuse.


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Identity-Powered Security


NetIQ Identity and Access Management offers a flexible platform to manage the complete identity lifecycle of users, devices, things and services. We know that when organizations adopt identity-centric thinking, it reduces risk, drives innovation and increases business value. Our adaptive identity-centric expertise gives organizations an integrated platform for identity, access, and privilege management that drives the modern IT ecosystem.


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What's Next?


To get started, learn more about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and Micro Focus may be able to strengthen or optimize your security posture.


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Know where you are now, and what is next – with Optiv and our Partners.