Optiv and SecureAuth working together provide the expertise and experience enterprise organizations need to successfully deploy a comprehensive access management solution that secures and defends valuable applications, systems and data. The Optiv and SecureAuth IDM Assessment provides the visibility businesses need to identify gaps and develop plans to ensure applications, data, systems, resources and privacy are secure and protected.


Together for Stronger Security


Partnering to Deliver Measurable Outcomes – Optiv + SecureAuth


Digital initiatives and evolving business, customer, and workforce expectations are magnifying the importance of identity security as a frontline defense for enterprise organizations.  An effective Access Management program is critical as businesses transition to a ‘digital first’ strategy.


The SecureAuth Identity and Access Management solution delivers a broad set of Multi-factor Authentication methods (with over 25 options), pre-login contextual risk-based Adaptive Authentication checks, Single Sign-On, and User Self-service/Password Reset to support the security needs of enterprises and the expectations of workforce and customer users.  Flexible deployment options from on-premises to SaaS meets the unique needs of every enterprise.


Together, Optiv and SecureAuth provide your business with the expertise, resources, tools, and support your organization requires to effectively secure the business and protect valuable assets.


Why clients choose Optiv for SecureAuth:

Optiv has successfully enabled 100s of SecureAuth clients to deploy a modern identity security program combining strong intelligent security with a great user experience to secure and protect everything that connects to your business.


  • 12+ years = the average experience of Optiv’s Identity and Data Management team
  • 100,000+ IDM hours delivered annually
  • >20 Professional and Compliance Certifications
  • Optiv has 100+ IAM advisors
  • 1,500 cybersecurity experts in Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Aerospace Government, Oil and Gas

Optiv Identity and Data Management Solutions


Secure Access for Everyone and Everything Connected to Your Organization


Securely enable your organization’s digital transformation by planning, building and running adaptable identity and access management solutions. Optiv offers a wide variety of services to provide a comprehensive identity security strategy.


Our services are designed to fully optimize your SecureAuth® Identity Platform and reduce your threat exposure to prevent identity-related breaches. Together, we provide flexible and adaptable identity and access management solutions designed to meet your unique business needs.


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Current state analysis, requirements, use cases, roadmap and strategic direction

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Translate identity, data and business requirements into security recommendations and strategy

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Solution execution with program and project management expertise


SecureAuth Solutions

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Better Protection Starts with Better Intelligence


Identity has fast become the primary security weakness at most organizations. With cyber attackers increasingly bypassing MFA, it’s time to better protect your workforce and customer identities and secure the access control gap.


Learn more about the SecureAuth Identity Platform

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Importance of Adaptive Authentication in Financial Institution Service


Why is adaptive authentication an important security tool for financial services organizations? The accumulation of data by enterprises and the growing number of cyber-attacks have made adaptive authentication imperative to protect valuable assets. This whitepaper looks to address the challenges of securing users’ identity within financial organizations, and attempts to bring to light solutions to these challenges.


The Need for Strong Authentication in Financial Services

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Passwordless Access and Adaptive Authentication 


Protecting valuable resources and data across the enterprise is a top priority. And many organizations are evolving their defenses and moving from securing wide network perimeters to focusing on securing groups and individual users. A Zero Trust model is a strategy rapidly being reviewed and adopted by enterprises to secure and protect the business as the technology landscape continues to shift and user expectations evolve.


Enabling a Zero Trust Model

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What's Next?


To get started, learn more about our complimentary Security Program Foundation Assessment to determine where Optiv and SecureAuth may be able to strengthen or optimize your security posture.


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