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Cloud Security Requires a New Mindset

To take advantage of the cloud‘s benefits, adapt your organization to your new reality.

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Like Tears in Rain: A DeathHiddenTear Ransomware Breakdown

Here is current analysis insight and a YARA rule to help you detect HiddenTear ransomware variants.

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Focused Security Strategy Assessment

Our Focused Security Strategy Assessment (FSSA) evaluates business drivers, mapping them to your technical requirements.

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Threat Management: Incident Response Retainer Program

Our reverse-malware pros help prevent attacks, reduce your attack surface and respond to incidents.

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Aligning Defender ATP Alerts to MITRE ATT&CK - Video Demonstration

How to prioritize efforts based on alert information from Microsoft Defender ATP, Logic Apps, and Log Analytics.

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IoT Security Services

Our solutions identify, segment and protect IoT devices and the data they produce.

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Risk Assessments Service Brief

Our risk assessments provide a holistic view of cyber risk throughout your organization.

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Enterprise Incident Management Service Brief

Our Enterprise Incident Management solutions prepare, validate and support your Incident Response/Management Program.

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Security Operations Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service Brief

Our Managed Detection and Response solutions deliver superior 24x7x365 threat monitoring, detection and response.

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