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Security Awareness Training Brief

Learn how to leverage the latest thinking in cognitive science to improve training.

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What's an OptivCon Cybersecurity Summit?

OptivCon is a local one-day summit focused on enterprise risk and realizing stronger, simpler and less costly cybersecurity programs. This free event ...

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22 ways to protect yourself against phishing attacks

Hackers are clever and are always innovating new ways to breach cybersecurity defenses, so no single tactic is likely to afford 100% protection. But o...

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Navigating the Security Landscape: A Guide to Technologies and Providers

Navigating the Security Landscape: A Guide to Technologies and Providers helps technology buyers achieve better security outcomes.

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Optiv Risk Enemy Perspective

To gain a competitive edge many organizations are adopting the latest technology, applications and services. However, this rapid adoption expands atta...

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Outpace Security Risk with Strong Foundational Programs

Build a resilient security program based upon a sustainable foundation aligned with the organization’s evolving needs.

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How to Create Cybersecurity Efficiencies

Security operations centers (SOCs) frequently see up to hundreds of millions of events each month and need to establish efficiencies to manage this vo...

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ATT&CK Series: Command and Control

In this post, we will review ATT&CK’s Command and Control techniques from an attacker’s point of view. The techniques covered here are not inclusive o...

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Cybersecurity Lapses Can Derail the M&A Train

Typical M&A concerns include overpaying for an acquired company and assimilating cultures. Executives often spend less time worrying about cybersecuri...

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