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MythBusters: Debunking Five Common Identity and Data Management Myths

Debunking common myths about IDM. Examples: too expensive and complex; current IT teams can't support IDM evolution; custom is better; company data/IP...

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Optiv’s Managed Security Services Mitigate Risk for Multi-Brand National Retailer

Optiv’s Managed Security Services provides you with cost effective approach to remotely secure your environment.

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That Time I Clicked on a Phish

Even the savviest of us can “fall for” a phishing email. Here are a few things to look for to help spot them quicker.

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IDC Perspective: DX Security: A Security Model for the DX Platform

Digital transformation (DX) impacts all aspects of business, especially security. Learn how to manage your DX security risk to effectively manage your...

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Optiv Empowers Global Entertainment Company to More Precisely Target and Market to Desired Audiences

Optiv’s analytics and big data solution helps organizations safely and efficiently manage real-time search across billions of customer records.

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Indecent Proposal? When Identity, Privacy and Ethics Collide

Users expect data privacy – and regulations require it. Yet, security measures require full visibility into all data in the business ecosystem. This b...

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Network Trust: How to Maintain and Establish it in Your Perimeter

Everyone has heard about “the expanding attack surface” and the “ever-increasing amounts of data;” about employees wanting to access email on their ow...

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Five Steps for a Successful IDM Deployment

After jumping the hurdles of securing sign-off, are you ready for IDM success?

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Modern Bank Heists: The Bank Robbery Shifts to Cyberspace

In the second annual “Modern Bank Heists” report, Carbon Black collaborated with Optiv to survey CISOs at some of the world’s largest financial instit...

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