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Secure Cloud

Designing Strategy for Secure Cloud Computing

The ability to secure cloud technology is a top IT priority today as a growing number of enterprises implement a cloud-first strategy.

Cloud security is no longer the biggest obstacle organizations face when moving data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud, but it remains a concern nevertheless. Users and organizations are adopting cloud technology at such a rapid pace that security teams have no way to sanction and secure cloud technology quickly enough to keep up. In the rush to take advantage of the speed, scalability and savings that the cloud provides, organizations may be exposed to greater levels of risk from a myriad of threats to cloud security.

Optiv can help. With a bench of cloud specialists with deep expertise in implementing cloud computing security programs and designing cloud security architecture, we can help develop a mature cloud strategy to design, plan and build a more secure cloud infrastructure.

Building a Secure Cloud Architecture with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. As a leading cloud security company, we help identify, create and implement initiatives to achieve cloud strategy goals and secure cloud technologies and assets.

Our services and solutions leverage best practices, proven methodologies and deep expertise across multiple security disciplines to enhance cloud strategy. Our team can help to migrate data to a secure cloud deployment and to manage identities more efficiently and effectively. We design cloud strategies that deliver greater visibility into user activity, and provide insight and intelligence into threats and risks along with actionable recommendations to secure cloud infrastructure.

Optiv Services for Maintaining Secure Cloud Technologies

To help build a more secure cloud architecture, we offer services that include:

  • Cloud strategy. We help to design a strategy for cloud migration that incorporates business objectives and security considerations.
  • Cloud security workshops. We conduct workshops to define cloud initiatives, determine priorities and align cloud strategies.
  • Cloud security audit and risk assessments. We assess cloud programs to identify threats and address security gaps.
  • Cloud compliance. We help to extend compliance efforts to cloud initiatives and provide industry best practices for auditing and reporting.
  • Third-party risk assessments. We help to evaluate third-party risks and provide recommendations for mitigating them.
  • Identity and access management (IAM) services. We help to extend identity and access management policies to secure cloud deployments.

Learn more about secure cloud services from Optiv.