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Security Automation

Staying Ahead Of Threats with Security Automation

For security teams racing to identify threats and prioritize initiatives, security automation is the key to more timely alerts, faster recognition of threats, accelerated response and greater security orchestration.

Security automation enables technology to handle tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by security specialists. By automating security program workflows and elements like alert triage and indicator enrichment, security analysts have more time for advanced security analytics and enhancing security strategy, programs and security operations.

For organizations that want to improve security automation, Optiv provides proven methodologies, advanced information security technology and a wealth of expertise gleaned from successful execution of hundreds of security automation projects.

Security Automation and Orchestration with Optiv

Optiv is a market leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions that enable organizations to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. Our team of security specialists help businesses, governments and educational institutions to operate more successfully by defining strategy, identifying threats, implementing technology and enabling security operational readiness.

Security automation is part of Optiv's Next-Generation SecOps offering, an integrated program that also covers detection, orchestration, analytics, incident response, measurement and reporting.

With security automation from Optiv, organizations can:

  • Improve mean time to resolution.
  • Reduce the average time between detection and response.
  • Handle a higher volume of incidents.
  • Improve speed of time to ticket acknowledgment.
  • Shorten the time between an initial alert and the determination of a true or false positive.
  • Reduce the ratio of false positives.
  • Reduce the volume of actualized threats.
  • Reduce the headcount required for platform management and threat monitoring.
  • Enjoy a greater return on overall technology investment.

Services for Implementing Security Automation

Optiv offers comprehensive services for implementing security automation throughout an organization. Our offerings include:

  • Conducting workshops and summits to review existing processes and workflows, looking for opportunities to leverage existing investments.
  • Applying proprietary governance and maturity models to measure progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Defining and reporting on key metrics and KPIs aligned with business priorities.
  • Building security automation and orchestration playbooks with proprietary use cases and an IP catalog.
  • Finding security automation talent through a proven methodology for mining, vetting and hiring.
  • Integrating security automation platforms within existing infrastructure.
  • Developing automated processes for threat mining, investigation and remediation.
  • Improving security automation throughout the entire cyber security program.

Learn more about security automation and Optiv, and about Optiv IoT security and network security solutions.