Security Consulting Services

Optiv's security consulting services help the enterprise define strategy, identify threats, deploy technologies and ensure operational readiness.

Improve Defenses with Security Consulting Services

When you need help to solve critical security challenges, security consulting services from Optiv offer the perfect mix of knowledge and expertise to fill the gaps in your in-house security capabilities.


Protecting your organization grows more difficult by the day. The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, and a wide variety of risk requires your team to be constantly vigilant. Running an effective security program requires extraordinary business acumen and expertise in security, technology and process, but bringing all those capabilities in-house can be challenging and costly.


Security consulting services from Optiv can help by providing on-demand access to security experts who can help to define information security strategy, build information security risk management programs, interpret security analytics and manage compliance with PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory frameworks.


Security Consulting Services from Optiv

As one of North America's top cyber security companies, Optiv offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, solutions and technologies to help define strategy, identify threats, deploy technologies and ensure operational readiness to defend the organization from a broad array of risks.


Our security consulting services provide access to highly experienced security executives and former CISOs with decades of experience solving pressing security problems. As a trusted partner to organizations of all sizes, our team offers the guidance and heavy lifting required to elevate current strategies and programs.


With security consulting services from Optiv, you can:


  • Gain immediate and ongoing access to senior information security executives.
  • Customize assessment of your risk, compliance and security posture.
  • Respond to incidents with confidence that you will have the support required to take necessary action.
  • Count on unbiased advisors devoted to the needs of your organization.
  • Execute on security plans with help from our experts to manage key initiatives and projects.


CISO Security Consulting Services

In addition to security consulting services for developing strategy, managing compliance and building programs, we offer CISO-on-demand security consulting services that deliver access to a team of executive-level security leaders who have built some of the largest security programs for Fortune 1000 companies. Our services include:


  • Virtual CISO services, providing scalable access to an experienced security executive to meet current demands.
  • Interim CISO, providing leadership for security operations and system functions until a new CISO can be hired.
  • Staffed CISO services, providing an integrated member of your security team to help customize, implement and manage information security programs.
  • CISO advisory services, providing mentoring to assist in meeting the demands of regulators and auditors.


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