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Security Operations

Enabling Next-Generation Security Operations

Traditionally, security operations teams were solely focused on maintenance. Other teams would design and build security programs, then hand them off to operations teams for monitoring and management.

Recently, security operations teams have been redefining their role in this formula. A growing number of security breaches coupled with a shortage in talent has put security operations teams in the middle of the security battlefield – operations staff is no longer charged solely with keeping security programs running but with serving as the operational nerve center of the cyber security program.

This next-generation version of security operations requires a new view of how operation teams function, and partnerships are key. Developing partnerships with the right cyber security solution providers enables teams to more successfully innovate, scale and access expertise required to respond to a quickly evolving threat landscape.

For security operations teams seeking partners to help with security automation and security orchestration, Optiv provides a comprehensive suite of services and solutions.

Enhancing Security Operations with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. Our team of highly talented security specialists works with organizations and security operations teams to define strategy more effectively, identify threats more successfully, deploy technology more efficiently and ensure operational readiness to defend the organization.

Our expertise enables security operations teams to integrate disparate information security technology systems, fine-tune security analytics, and operationalize a security program for detection, automation, orchestration, incident response, measurement and reporting.

To enable next-generation security operations, we offer services that include:

  • Conducting workshops and summits.
  • Applying governance and progressive maturity modeling.
  • Defining and reporting on KPIs.
  • Developing blueprints for next-generation security operations centers.
  • Hiring talent.
  • Integrating, configuring and managing platforms.
  • Licensing platforms and configuring network connectivity.
  • Integrating threat intelligence.

Benefits of Optiv Security Operations Services

Optiv security operations solutions help to drive improvements across a wide variety of key metrics. We help organizations to:

  • Increase the volume of incidents handled.
  • Achieve faster mean time to resolution.
  • Improve the average time between threat detection and response.
  • Increase the time to ticket acknowledgment.
  • Lower the ratio of false positives.
  • Reduce the time between initial alert and the determination of a true or false positive.
  • Reduce the likelihood of an attack and the impact of successful attack.
  • Reduce the number of actualized threats.
  • Lower the headcount required for threat monitoring and platform management.
  • Gain a higher return on overall investment and security technology.

Learn more about security operations and Optiv, and about Optiv solutions for IoT security and network security management.