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Security Orchestration

Security Orchestration is the Key to Next-Generation Operations

As organizations invest more heavily in technology to prevent, detect and respond to threats, effective security orchestration is needed to ensure that technology, processes and people all work in concert to deliver maximum protection from threats and risks.

The challenges to security operations continue to multiply. The techniques that attackers use continue to evolve, growing both in number and sophistication. Security technology is more complex and disparate than ever today, complicating security orchestration and integration efforts. And with a shortage of talent in the security industry, finding the right people to manage security programs is more difficult and costly than ever.

Optiv can help. With our security expertise and broad experience in creating cyber security programs, organizations can integrate disparate systems, prioritize threats and tasks and fine-tune platforms to maximize security orchestration through advanced security analytics and security automation.

Security Orchestration Solutions from Optiv

Optiv is a market leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, helping organizations in a broad range of industries to improve information security risk management. Having served more than 12,000 clients in a wide variety of industries, we have the depth of experience across security strategy, process development and technology to effectively implement security orchestration solutions.

Our security orchestration services help organizations to realize better outcomes in critical security metrics. With our help, organizations can:

  • Achieve a higher return on overall technology investment.
  • Increase the number of incidents handled.
  • Accelerate the mean time to resolution.
  • Reduce the ratio of false positives.
  • Improve the average time between detection and response.
  • Improve time to ticket acknowledgment.
  • Improve time between initial alert and true positive/false positive determination.
  • Minimize the likelihood or impact of the successful cyber security attack.
  • Reduce the number of actualized threats.
  • Lower the headcount for platform management and threat monitoring.

Optiv Services for Security Orchestration

Our security orchestration services include:

  • Workshops and summits to review existing programs and technologies and find ways to leverage existing tools.
  • Governance and progressive maturity modeling to gauge progress and target areas for improvement.
  • Defining and reporting on key performance indicators.
  • Developing a blueprint for a next-generation security operations center.
  • Securing talent with a proven methodology for mining, vetting and hiring.
  • Integrating advanced controls and applications including security orchestration and automation platforms.
  • Threat intelligence integration for greater efficiency and proactive protection.

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