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Managed Security Services

Security is too important to do it alone.

Get Proactive

It's time to maximize the impact of security resources.

We don't have to tell you about how security threats continue to rise each year and are increasing in sophistication and malicious intent. And how finding and hiring the right people and budget constraints are keeping you from getting what you need.

Part of your security program might be working well, but there are probably areas where you could use guidance and advice from someone who's been there and done that. To keep up (and keep both customers and board members happy) you need smarter and more cost-effective cybersecurity solutions.

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide vetted on-staff vulnerability and security researchers and multiple operations centers to support your organization every moment, of every day. Why not enable your existing IT staff to refocus their efforts on core business needs?

What do you want to accomplish?
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Rationalize Existing Technology and Reduce Complexity

Evaluate what you have and maximize its use, improve your security posture with turnkey solutions for complex information security challenges.

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Increase Your Program Effectiveness

Examine infrastructure with managed vulnerability scanning to identify vulnerable systems and provide tools to manage risk more effectively.

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Benefit from Expert Advice

Let your IT teams offload cybersecurity tasks to a team of experts who can monitor, manage and maintain security infrastructure more effectively.

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Monitor: We'll Watch, Identify, Mitigate and Report.

We help to eliminate attack vectors for malware, viruses and other infections, while helping to mitigate threats that have already penetrated security defenses.

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Meet Compliance and Reduce Your Risk

Implement best practices in alignment with your industry, our experts provide threat identification to reduce your organizational risk.

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Show the Board Higher ROI

Maximize the impact of your investments in security technology.

We're right there with you.

Our Managed Security Service offerings are delivered by a team with deep skills in vulnerability research and information security strategy, and are backed by multiple security operation centers across the country that deliver on-demand support 24/7/365. You'll get a turnkey solution that addresses complex security challenges. By combining and correlating log activity, we can help eliminate blind spots and provide greater visibility into your security operations.

You benefit from our knowledge. We've been monitoring and managing information security technology and endpoints for enterprise clients for years and we offer service options that can serve as a remote extension of your security staff. With 12,000+ customers in multiple industries and premium partnerships with 350+ leading security technology manufacturers, we have the expertise, experience and resources to deliver the results you need.

Just a few of the things we can help with...

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Experienced guidance. Real solutions.

Data Governance and Protection

Your information security program must manage and protect the entire data lifecycle, including data creation, data at rest, data in motion, data in use and data destruction. We will help you define strategy, identify vulnerabilities and select the technology and services to remediate them, our security professionals provide unparalleled expertise and experience.

Adversarial Emulation Management

Spot the weaknesses in your security defenses before an attacker can exploit them. Become proactive in uncovering and addressing security flaws and refining your cybersecurity strategy to remediate them.

Detection and Response

We will help identify, investigate and respond to cyber attacks - before they damage your business. With an "Always-On" methodology, threats are spotted leveraging leading detection and response technologies along with advanced analytics and acted on quickly providing effective endpoint and network detection and response capabilities 24x7x365.

Identity Governance

Improve your productivity and customer loyalty, while also reducing risk. The integration of Identity processes, people and technologies into your organization is a challenging task, and skilled resources are scarce. Together we will align your plan and move it from tactical/reactive to a strategic program, while allocating resources effectively.

Access Management

We focus on developing a mature strategy to provide a complex user community with safe access to critical applications and data, while keeping up with evolving business developments and meeting compliance requirements. Our goal is to create a customized solution to enable you to plan, build and run your strategic program more successfully.

Device/Technology Monitoring and Management

Stop burdening your staff or spending your entire budget on complex SIEM monitoring. Pick from different levels of monitoring and management services to fit your budget. We can ensure preventive and ongoing real-time operational measures, conduct SIEM Health Checks, assess the SIEM’s availability, performance and conformance to configuration standards, maintain software currency, implement changes to configuration and security policies, and deliver device health and performance monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Privacy and Governance

We will help you determine what measures your organization has in place and what you need to do differently. We’ll assess your risk, compliance and data needs and recommend foundational, risk strategy and compliance management, allowing you to improve your operations over time.

Cyber Resilience

We will provide the tools you need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. Things like Cyber Program Development (NIST CSF and ISO27001/2, Vulnerability Management, Data Governance, Third-Party Risk Management), and Integrated Risk Management Platforms and Risk Transformation Services.

Risk Optimization

Get the tools you need to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape. Our experts, skilled in holistic security program development and management will help your organization align strategies to business objectives to optimize risk capabilities.

Internet of Things (IoT)/Industrial control Systems (ICS)
We address needs at the strategic program level, the tactical project level and every point in between. Let’s define strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy the right technology and security automation processes, and ensure operational readiness to enable new business processes.

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