Co-Managed SIEM and Security Monitoring

Get 24x7x365 management and monitoring of SIEM technology to ensure effective security event monitoring, alerting and reporting. 


Effective monitoring of security events

Providing effective management and monitoring of SIEM technology requires extensive training and experience. Many organizations struggle with maintaining a strong security posture due to an inexperience at managing SIEM and triaging alerts. This lack of threat visibility and correlation of security incidents to actionable intelligence limits an organization’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to today’s challenging security threats. 


Co-Managed SIEM and Security Monitoring services delivered 24x7x365 by the Optiv Security Operations Center (SOC) provide clients with collaborative service components to ensure preventive and ongoing real-time operational measures. 


With Optiv co-managed SIEM and Security Monitoring services, clients can expand their security program capabilities allowing for a scalable and repeatable way of operationalizing procedures for management and monitoring of their SIEM technology.

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Optiv monitors for security threats from millions of logs sent from devices to a SIEM, classifying them as either events, alerts, or incidents once escalated by the security solution to the Optiv SOC.


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Alerts are normalized, categorized and prioritized during ingestion by the Optiv ThreatDNA platform. Alerts are then queried against multiple threat intelligence sources for additional context before being investigated by Optiv SOC staff.


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Both human analysis and automation are used to analyze alerts. Whenever possible, alerts are automatically enriched from 160+ public, private and dark web sources during initial triage. Optiv SOC staff then review threat indicators, client-specific contextual data, known false positives and/or asset classifications.


How We Are Different

Why Optiv?


  • Options include a co-hosted model or leveraging a multi-tenant SIEM hosted by Optiv 

  • Dedicated Technical Project Manager throughout service integration 

  • Designated Client Success Manager advocates for the client to ensure maximum value is being derived from our services 

  • Certified experts drive operations, shape policy and lead response efforts for our clients leveraging threat intelligence from Optiv's gTIC (Global Threat Intelligence Center)  

  • The breadth of Optiv's services portfolio enables us to help clients maximize and communicate the effectiveness of their security program 

  • Maximize your investment by leveraging our certified team of experts 24x7x365

Consolidated List of Optiv Services


  • Co-Managed SIEM Service 
  • Security Monitoring Service 



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