Cyber as-a-Service

Deploy cyber solutions from the cloud and let us manage it for you.



Bring it all together with subscription services.

Does this sound familiar? You have a security patchwork of dated or missing security controls and processes. Let’s fix that.


Cyber as-a-Service (CaaS) lets you bring your security posture to the next level and reduce risk. It eliminates the need to purchase and manage new technology; we provide security solutions, that are deployed out of the cloud, using a flexible pay-as-you-go model.


The security control domains addressed with Cyber as-a-Service include:



  • Cyber Risk: Cyber Resilience, Third-Party Risk Management
  • Identity and Data Management: Data Management, Privileged Access Management, Identity and Access Management
  • Cyber Digital Transformation: Secure Data Lifecycle, Cloud Automation, Analytics
  • Threat Management: Vulnerability Lifecycle Management, Application Security Management, Managed Detection and Response

How do we do it?


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Whether you’re looking for assistance with basic platform management or a complete end-to-end solution with full program and operational management we can handle the heavy lifting for you.



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Program Assessment


Achieving the business outcome you require in a given security domain begins with understanding your current situation and needs.



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Building an effective program is not easy. We work collaboratively with your team to assess, build, optimize and align a program to your business goals.



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Build and Implementation


The build phase leverages our team of security experts and our numerous partners. Processes are established that fully integrate the solution with your existing team, runbooks and controls.



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Cloud Deployed


We deliver the solution to you as a cloud deployed service.



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You pay a recurring monthly charge for the service that can flexibly adapt to your changing needs.


Cyber as-a-Service advantage.

Achieving the program results you seek can be costly. With limited security budgets and lack of highly skilled staff, you might feel like you’re up against a wall. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s partner to elevate your security posture and reduce your risk in a cost-effective way. Whether you’re a small or medium enterprise or one of the largest global Fortune 10 companies, we can help. How? We have the world’s largest team of dedicated security experts and the broadest portfolio of technology integration capability in the industry.

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As-a-Service model gives you these subscription-based solutions.

Identity Governance as-a-Service

Our comprehensive identity administration and governance platform provides a full-featured identity program utilizing a cloud subscription-based model. Pick from three levels. Learn more.

Third Party Risk Management as-a-Service

Our third-party risk management (TPRM) service mitigates risk by assessing relationship, business profile, cyber and control risk through a logical workflow, industry-specific compliance standards, and a relevant business strategies.

Cyber Threat Intelligence as-a-Service

Delivered 24x7x365 by the Optiv Advanced Fusion Center, Cyber Threat Intelligence as-a-Service provides clients with tailored threat intelligence and remediation guidance. The service is comprised of gTIC tailored intelligence monitoring, which monitors clear web, deep web, and dark web spaces of the internet for attack indicators, and gTIC tailored intelligence investigation which provides necessary intelligence and action plans to properly mitigate identified outside threats.