Endpoint Management

Optiv’s experts identify, secure and manage the security of endpoint technologies, strengthening your ability to prevent, detect and respond to today’s challenging security threats.


Endpoint Protection and Management Services

Effectively securing proliferating network endpoints requires extensive training and enterprise-wide visibility. Many organizations struggle with identifying, securing and managing their endpoints due to frequently changing rules and signatures. In addition, security teams can struggle to manage, triage and respond to alerts produced by endpoint security technologies.


Managed Endpoint Protection Platform Services delivered 24x7x365 by the Optiv Security Operations Center (SOC) provide clients with collaborative service components to ensure preventive and ongoing operational measures. Leveraging today's leading endpoint protection technology, our team of certified experts identify, secure and manage the security of your endpoints while also providing triage and response to security alerts and threats.

Identify Integrate




Identifying endpoints to provide visibility into security threats.


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Optiv experts have experience in the full endpoint security lifecycle, securing your most critical assets with today's leading technologies.


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Effective management of endpoint technologies includes triage and response to security alerts and threats through actionable threat intelligence.


How We Are Different

Why Optiv?


  • Dedicated Technical Project Manager throughout service integration
  • Designated Client Success Manager advocated for the client to ensure maximum value is being derived from our services
  • Certified experts drive operations, shape policy and lead response efforts for our clients, leveraging threat intelligence from Optiv's Global Threat Intelligence Center (gTIC)
  • The breadth of Optiv's services portfolio enables us to help clients maximize and communicate the effectiveness of their security programs

Our Values


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