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Optiv provides organization-specific threat intelligence that provides actionable information for strengthening your security posture.

Optiv provides organization-specific threat intelligence that provides actionable information for strengthening your security posture.

Tailored Threat Intelligence beyond the perimeter

Identifying when and how your organization may be attacked requires going beyond your perimeter to get a complete view of your digital footprint. Most organizations don't have the resources or skills available to conduct threat hunting in addition to analyzing intelligence in order to detect and respond to potential attacks. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service delivered 24x7x365 by the Optiv Security Operations Center (SOC) provides clients with tailored threat intelligence and remediation guidance. The service comprises gTIC tailored intelligence monitoring for attack indicators on clear web, deep web and dark web spaces of the internet, and gTIC tailored intelligence investigation, which provides necessary intelligence and action plans for mitigating identified outside threats.


Tailored intelligence monitoring watches for organization-specific attack indicators on the clear web, deep web and dark web spaces of the internet


Tailored threat investigation provides necessary intelligence and action plans to properly mitigate identified outside threats


Strengthen your security posture with actionable information and prescriptive remediation steps 

How We are Different

Why Optiv?

  • Prescriptive advice that addresses effective remediation steps
  • Dedicated Technical Project Manager throughout service integration
  • Designated Client Success Manager advocates for the lead response efforts for our clients leveraging threat intelligence from Optiv's gTIC (Global Threat Intelligence Center) and Malware Analysis and Countermeasures (MAC) team
  • The breadth of Optiv's services portfolio enables us to help clients maximize and communicate the effectiveness of their security program

Our Values

Leading with Perspective as Your Advisor

We move the industry forward with our unique insights, points of view, ideas and solutions, leading our clients, partners, and each other to think beyond the ordinary.

Working in the Trenches as Your Partner

We work shoulder to shoulder with you, understanding your needs as a team member, and acting in the belief that your success is ours.

Delivering Real Impact as Your Solver

We dig hard into your problem and evaluate the bigger picture, then unite the optimal people, technology, and know how to execute the most effective solution.

Unlocking Tomorrow as Your Liberator

We are relentlessly focused on enabling your success, liberating your organization and your people to move swiftly on the path to progress.

How Can We Help?

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