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We enable your security program to keep pace with digitization by integrating into your DevOps processes, so you can reap the rewards of cloud adoption while minimizing risks.

We enable your security program to keep pace with digitization by integrating into your DevOps processes, so you can reap the rewards of cloud adoption while minimizing risks.

Securing Cloud Workloads at the Speed of Cloud

As enterprises across industries morph into technology-centric companies thanks to the onset of digitization, security teams face significant challenges in keeping pace with DevOps and the continuous delivery of applications. Traditional security strategies cannot keep up with the rate of change of cloud resources.

Our team of cloud security architects provide you with a complete cloud security program lifecycle. From assessing your cloud controls, to creating and implementing reference architectures with built-in security, to integrating validation across your development cycle, we make sure your workloads are secured throughout the DevOps process.

The first step to creating programmatic cloud security is to establish a minimum set of baseline controls in your cloud environment. By applying a holistic approach that accounts for security across the stack and harmonizing siloes in the organization, you can achieve the efficiency and agility necessary to proactively secure and operationalize your business. Read our case study on how Alight Solutions achieved agile and proactive security assessments of their AWS cloud deployments using Optiv Security's Cloud Security Architecture Assessment for AWS.


Refactor your existing security strategy to operate in a shared responsibility model in the cloud.


Secure modular reference architectures built in DevOps.


Continuously monitor your environment for vulnerabilities and risks.

How We are Different

Why Optiv?

  • Rapidly bring cloud workloads into a more enterprise security-aligned posture
  • Automate and orchestrate security resources in the cloud for increased agility and reduced risk
  • Achieve deeper security integration across your cloud team
  • Optimize your cloud security program
  • Align cloud initiatives with strategic business drivers, enlist executive level sponsorship, and integrate with existing governance and compliance programs

Consolidated List of Optiv Services

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Expertise and Capabilities:

  • Secure cloud architecture and engineering
  • DevSecOps
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Cloud analytics and data integration
  • Custom cloud application and UIs
  • Breach simulation and incident response


  • Security governance strategy and audits
  • Cloud security architecture assessment
  • Secure cloud reference architecture and build
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Application security - scanning, code review, SDLC, CICD pipeline integration
  • Automation of compliance - custom DevSecOps scripting
  • Breach simulation and validation of security

How Can We Help?

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