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Not sure where you stand with your cloud computing security? Take our online cloud security assessment to see if you’ve addressed the top cloud security domains.


Not sure where you stand with your cloud computing security? Take our online cloud security assessment to see if you’ve addressed the top cloud security domains.


Cloud Computing and Application Security

Managing security across enterprise infrastructure is a challenge for any security team, but adding cloud security technologies to an already burdened operation can introduce significant risk. Building security into your cloud program from the beginning dramatically reduces cloud migration risk, boosts cloud application security and drives alignment between business and security requirements. Specific benefits can include greater coherence throughout the software development process (streamlining subsequent updates) and enablement of dynamic, analytics-driven security incident and event management (SIEM).

Cloud Security is Business Strategy

Clients value how our cloud security solutions reduce complexity. Even more importantly, they appreciate the benefits of a genuinely business-driven approach to cybersecurity. They understand that increasingly, strategy matters. As one client put it, “as a CISO, you have a choice: either become the strategy guy or the scapegoat.”

In this context, you can’t afford to be reactive. Your cloud security program must be proactive and reflect your business requirements, not a vendor’s standalone technology. We support you by providing the metrics, measures and reporting needed to help your colleagues in the C Suite understand how their investments are protecting the business.

Plan. Build. Run.

When you partner with our cloud services and security team we help your organization develop and activate secure new business models faster than you thought possible.

We begin with your business strategy, then work through your technical requirements based on the security technologies you already have in place. By identifying what’s performing well and where the gaps in your defenses are, we can collaborate on a truly holistic solution.

Lastly we focus on operational integration of MSS and Cyber Operations strategies and as-a-Service capabilities to help you manage your cloud and operate your business in the manner that works best for you.

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Architecture and Implementation Services

Optiv’s support experts are here to help you with cloud computing network architecture and security.

  • Identification and Selection
  • Technology Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Migration
  • Optimization
  • Integration
  • Upgrade
  • Training Services

Security Technology Related Assessments

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Optiv will work to assess and understand your current situation to ensure that you get the right cloud security technology for your company’s needs.

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