Security Strategy

See how a security strategy from Optiv will enable you to stay ahead of current threats and risks while also meeting your business requirements.

Better Security Begins with the Right Security Strategy

Developing a superior security strategy is the first step to protecting your organization from a cyber threat landscape that is constantly evolving and expanding.


From cyber attacks to regulatory, environmental, technological, commercial and third-party risk, threats to your organization continually pose new challenges to IT security teams. While addressing these risks can consume a great deal of time and resources, designing and implementing an effective security strategy that is aligned with business goals can help to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing risk and defending against a host of threats.


For IT security professionals, designing a powerful security strategy requires remarkable business acumen as well as expertise in security, technology and process. That's where Optiv can help.


Optimizing Security Strategy with Optiv

As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, Optiv helps organizations design, implement and manage successful cyber security programs. With more than 12,000 clients and 350 partnerships with leading security product manufacturers, we provide extensive resources and capabilities, proven expertise and a broad range of cyber security offerings.


As you consider your security strategy, our experts can help you stay ahead of current threats and risks and decide which technology investments will best support your requirements. We offer clarity on security strategy and policy design. And we partner with your team to create a cyber security roadmap for protecting and securing your environment as well as supporting day-to-day operations and revenue goals while accounting for future growth.


With our security strategy capabilities, you can:


  • Identify and remediate gaps, manage risk and allocate resources more effectively to better protect your organization.
  • Develop security strategies that are more closely aligned to your business goals.
  • Perform a security assessment of your current security strategy and create a security roadmap to more mature security initiatives.
  • Implement leading security standards and consistent execution of your security strategy.
  • Bring greater creativity, deeper experience and tighter discipline to your security program.


Security Strategy Services from Optiv

Our security strategy capabilities include:


  • Program development. Our team helps to define and articulate your organization's vision for a security strategy, providing you with solutions to effectively communicate your plans.
  • Digital strategy. We can help to determine which digital strategies and technologies are best suited to your organization while helping you to maximize your current infrastructure.
  • Advising. We offer on-demand resources, services and guidance from security professionals and former CISOs who can help you address a broad range of security strategy questions and issues.
  • IT in mergers and acquisitions. Our team offers expertise in leading practices to help combine resources and protect assets during an acquisition or merger.


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