Security Threat Assessment

Optiv's security threat assessment services help businesses uncover vulnerabilities and highlight actions they need to take to reduce risk.

Mitigate Attacks with a Security Threat Assessment

As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve at an accelerating pace, organizations can improve security and mitigate risk by performing a regular security threat assessment. From exposing weaknesses in systems to issues with compliance, a security threat assessment enables organizations to uncover hidden vulnerabilities in people, processes and technology – before a malicious actor can exploit them.


Conducting a security threat assessment requires a broad set of skills and deep knowledge of both the threat landscape and potential methods for remediation. When your IT security team lacks the resources, time or expertise to manage a superior security threat assessment, Optiv can help.


Security Threat Assessment with Optiv

Optiv is the largest holistic pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. We are committed to helping organizations plan, build and run successful security programs that combine the right products, services, people, processes, strategies and tactics. With help from Optiv, businesses, governments and educational institutions can develop an information security framework that addresses needs at the strategic program level, the tactical project level and all levels in between.


From managing IoT security and ransomware security to mitigating viruses and identifying insider threats, our security threat assessment services can uncover vulnerabilities and highlight actions that enable you to make more informed decisions about reducing risk. Our services help you to:


  • Discover critical, exploitable vulnerabilities and provide detailed guidance for remediation.
  • Assess access points to critical systems and help to close pathways of attack.
  • Address vulnerabilities with a disciplined approach that helps to create a smaller attack surface.


Optiv's Security Threat Assessment Services

Our services for security threat assessment include:


  • Vulnerability discovery services such as vulnerability scanning that identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in systems by severity and recommend mitigation steps.
  • Security control assessment services that evaluate enterprise security efforts at a technical and program level, while analyzing controls, technology and procedures to identify points of failure.
  • Risk validation services to understand, quantify and document the real-world risk of an attack scenario.
  • Penetration testing services on a variety of systems from various perspectives to help identify risk.
  • Breach simulation services that simulate an attacker's actions using subterfuge and distraction while identifying points of weakness, exploiting critical systems, exfiltrating data and creating a series of events that mimic an actual breach.


Learn more about security threat assessment options from Optiv, and about Optiv solutions for a self assessment questionnaire for PCI risk assessment.