Third-Party Risk

Reduce Your Information Risk Through Tailored Third-Party Management

The risks third-party relationships pose to enterprises continue to mount, even as security leaders accelerate their efforts to advance overall security. As programs improve across network, endpoint, application and user-level security, third parties have become the entry points to some of the largest breaches to date. Ultimately, it is the company itself and not the third party that suffers the impact of a breach. Customers continue to hold these organizations accountable as data loss incidents damage business and relationship credibility

Optiv’s third-party risk solution can effectively plan, develop and manage your third-party risk program (TPRM) from program development, discovery and categorization of your partnerships to performing risk assessments. Additionally, we can manage your third-party relationships within our SaaS-based, risk management platform, Evantix. Evantix can help:

  • Assess your current TPRM program maturity and provide timely feedback to fill in gaps
  • Develop your program to meet regulatory, compliance and business requirements
  • Run a discovery and risk categorization of your current vendors and develop processes for future vendor onboarding
  • Execute required risk assessments of identified third-party relationships


Determine the third-party risk management capabiliities required by your business.


Develop the capabilities and governance for a cost effective program.


Manage the process and reporting required to determine inherent risk, assess the controls and drive remediation.

Our Services



Optiv assesses your current program to identify gaps through key personnel interviews and documentation review. As an output, we provide your current program maturity levels and recommendations for improvement.

Program Development

Optiv will assist in developing or refining your new or current TPRM program. We deliver policies, tools and scoring methodologies to help you develop and execute your assessment program for optimized flexibility and scalability.

Discovery and Categorization

For clients wondering where to start, Optiv will help identify and classify the large number of third parties in your environment and narrow the focus to concentrate on partners that pose the greatest risk.

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment methodology facilitates a number of assessment options, from remote questionaire-based assessments to onsite, in-depth assessments aligned to your current methodology or one developed with Optiv. We help determine if the third party meets your security requirements and industry standards.

Third-Party Managed Service

In conjunction with Optiv’s services, our risk management solution, Evantix, specializes in collecting, maintaining and scoring third-party risk, dramatically improving compliance and risk management at a significantly lower cost to your organization.


What Is Evantix?

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