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Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts

Texas DIR Cooperative Contracts



Optiv Security offers products and related services to Texas governmental and public educational entities at discounted prices through DIR’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cooperative (Co-op) Contracts program.

Contact Information Michael Spess
Optiv Security

Warranties and Returns The applicable Vendor’s currently published policies concerning product warranties and returns shall apply.
The product warranty and return policies shall not be more restrictive or more costly than warranty and return policies for other similarly situation customers for like products.
For details on warranties and returns of a specific vendor, please contact Mike Spess at

Quote and Ordering Please contact Mike Spess at Optiv Security to obtain a quote or to place a purchase order.
All quotes and purchase orders must reference the TX DIR contract number DIR-TSO-4133.

Designated Order Fulfillers (Resellers) There are no Designated Order Fulfillers or Resellers under this contract.

Cooperative Contracts For more information on DIR Cooperative Contracts, please see: DIR Cooperative Contracts Program


Contract Summary for DIR-TSO-4133


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