Threat Modeling

Maximize your security resources with Optiv's threat modeling. We identify effective information security solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Maximize Security Resources with Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is an approach to enterprise network security that lets you optimize resources and maximize security by prioritizing the resources and programs required to keep your organization secure.


As an iterative process, threat modeling assesses and quantifies vulnerabilities according to their potential for damage to the organization, and identifies the most effective information security solutions that can be deployed to mitigate them, along with recommendations for how to focus resources to provide the most protection.


Threat modeling is a highly complex endeavor, especially as the threat landscape continues to become more sophisticated by the day. The security experts who engage in threat modeling must not only understand all of the risks large and small that face the organization, but must be familiar with the latest technologies and strategies that can defend against them.


When you want a partner to develop an effective threat modeling program, the seasoned security professionals at Optiv offer unparalleled expertise and unsurpassed experience in all aspects of IT security.


Security Program Strategy


Threat Modeling with Optiv

Created in 2015 from the merger of Accuvant and FishNet Security, Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play information technology security solution provider in North America. Offering a full range of security solutions, services and technologies, our team of experts can handle the requirements of any project – from security workshops to network penetration testing and technology upgrades to complete security architecture design and implementation.


Optiv has helped thousands of organizations use threat modeling to discover hidden vulnerabilities within their people, processes and technology. Our proven methodology can help uncover vulnerabilities and highlight the actions required to reduce risk throughout the organization. With threat modeling services from Optiv, you can:


  • Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems, technology, processes and personnel before an attacker can
  • Reduce risk and meet compliance requirements
  • Remediate vulnerabilities and minimize your attack surface


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Our Threat Modeling and Vulnerability Assessment Services

Our threat modeling team combines automated tools with elite attackers, researchers and practitioners to find and mitigate vulnerabilities. Our offerings include white, gray or black box services, and solutions for companies that are new to testing as well as organizations with mature threat modeling programs.


Our services include:


  • Breach simulation to identify points of weakness
  • Risk validation and penetration testing to understand, quantify and document the real-world risk of an attack scenario
  • Security controls assessment to evaluate your security defenses at a technical and program level
  • Vulnerability discovery to identify and quantify vulnerabilities in your system and prioritize them for remediation


Learn more about threat modeling with Optiv and about Optiv’s offerings as a managed security service provider.