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Optiv's TPRM solutions manage third-party risk by developing programs, and discovering and categorizing partnerships via a security risk assessment. 

Simplify Your TPRM Program with Optiv

A third-party risk management (TPRM) program is critical to managing the risk posed by third-party relationships. As organizations increasingly rely on vendors, partners and other third-party relationships, the risk of a breach caused by third-party organization rises sharply.


A TPRM initiative can help by identifying a portfolio of vendors, assessing the risk within it, taking steps to remediate the risk and monitoring and reporting on progress. But designing, building and managing a TPRM program with minimal staff, limited budgets and an enormous vendor ecosystem can be overwhelming for even the largest IT departments.


Optiv can help. Our TPRM solution enables organizations to effectively manage third-party risk by developing programs, discovering and categorizing partnerships and performing a security risk assessment. With Optiv's TPRM technology, you can put the people, processes and technologies in place to comprehensively identify, assess and mitigate third-party exposure.


Optiv's TPRM Solutions

As a market leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, Optiv is dedicated to helping clients plan, build and run effective cyber security programs. Our team offers extraordinary depth and breadth of experience and expertise, along with extensive capabilities, proven methodologies and proprietary technology.


Our TPRM services include:


  • A third-party risk assessment solution that assesses your current program using key personnel interviews and documentation review to identify gaps and provide recommendations for remediation.
  • Program development services for current and new TPRM programs, delivering policies, tools and scoring methodologies to develop and execute an assessment program.
  • Discovery and categorization services that identify and classify all of the third parties in your environment, enabling you to focus first on the partners that represent the greatest risk.
  • Risk assessment services to determine if specific third parties meet organizational and industry security standards.
  • TPRM managed services for gathering data, maintaining relationships and scoring third-party risk to streamline compliance, improve risk management and reduce TPRM costs.


Benefits of Optiv TPRM Technology

With TPRM solutions from Optiv, you can:


  • Minimize your exposure to third-party risk by accurately evaluating your highest risk relationships and taking immediate steps for mitigation.
  • Minimize the burden on IT by offloading TPRM services to Optiv's highly experienced supplier risk management experts.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of managing third-party risk.
  • Effectively document your entire vendor portfolio to gain a more thorough understanding of your third-party ecosystem.


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