Vendor Risk Management

Optiv offers the expertise, experience and technology needed to create a vendor risk management program that can effectively mitigate and manage risk.

Enhance Vendor Risk Management with Optiv

Vendor risk management is an essential part of enterprise security today. More than half of all security breaches originate from a vendor or partner relationship, raising the stakes for third-party risk management (TPRM) programs. Vendor risk management is important not only for securing your data, users and organization, but for ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS, NIST, HIPAA and others.


The challenge is that designing, building and monitoring a vendor risk management solution can be quite costly. As businesses grow more interconnected and rely on third parties for business-critical resources and services, the sheer volume of vendor relationships makes third-party risk assessment highly time-and resource-intensive and prevents many IT teams from doing it well.


Optiv can help. Our team offers expertise, experience and technology to help you create a vendor risk management program that can effectively mitigate and manage risk while reducing costs and minimizing the burden on IT.


Optiv Solutions for Vendor Risk Management

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America, helping businesses to plan, build and run more effective cyber security programs. As a leading IT security company, we have served more than 12,000 organizations of different sizes in various industries and have developed proven methodologies, leading practices and deep expertise required to help solve your most challenging security needs.


Our vendor risk management services include:


  • Assessment of your current vendor risk management program. Our team can evaluate your existing program to identify gaps, assess current maturity levels and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Development of a vendor risk management program. We provide policies, tools and scoring methodologies to help you develop a new program or refine an existing vendor risk management program.
  • Vendor discovery and categorization. We help to launch your vendor risk management program by identifying and classifying all third parties, prioritizing risks so you can address the greatest threats first.
  • Security risk assessment. We use a number of security assessment methodologies to score the risk level of each vendor relationship and determine whether they meet your security requirements.


Advantages of Optiv's Platform for Vendor Risk Management

To increase effectiveness of vendor risk management, we offer a customizable platform to manage your entire third-party portfolio. Optiv Evantix enables you to shift the most time-consuming, costly and repetitive assessment activities back to your suppliers, freeing your team to focus on mitigation activities and other strategic initiatives. Optiv Evantix expertly identifies and measures third-party risk and delivers highly accurate risk intelligence, enabling your organization to make more informed decisions on vendors and service providers.


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