Web Application Security

As a leading provider of cyber security solutions, Optiv provides the expertise and insight required to ensure superior web application security.

Stay Ahead of Risks with Superior Web Application Security

Web application security remains a top priority for organizations today as web apps continue to be a primary target for attackers. But as threats evolve and become more sophisticated, ensuring web application security can be overwhelming for IT teams that are tasked with a wide variety of security efforts and strategic initiatives. To stay ahead of risks in the application layer, more organizations are turning to cyber security solutions providers for web app security technology, services and solutions.


A web application security firm can augment in-house expertise to protect critical applications from internal and external threats. The right AppSec partner can dramatically improve the ability to assess web application security levels for existing applications and to design, develop, test and maintain web application security practices for software in development.


Web Application Security with Optiv

As a leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, Optiv provides the expertise, experience and insight required to ensure superior web application security. Our team of security specialists provides a wide range of services – from penetration test services, source code analysis and ransomware security to architecture and design reviews, training of development security personnel and refinement of security processes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).


With help from Optiv, organizations can reduce costs and improve security by addressing issues earlier in the development lifecycle. Our proven methodologies and developer-focused deliverables help to reduce the time required for remediation, and our experience with web application security for global organizations enables us to accelerate the effectiveness of security measures through training and by leveraging best practices.


With web application security services from Optiv, organizations can:


  • Improve security through high assurance testing provided by a team of world-class specialists.
  • Remediate issues faster with proof of concept, full reproduction data and deliverables designed to be easily consumed by development teams.
  • Improve efficiency with fully validated findings that contain no false positives.


Web Application Security Services to Identify and Remediate Threats

Our web application security services include:


  • Assessments to identify issues in code and deliver recommendations for next steps.
  • SDLC Program Review and Implementation to improve, advance or create processes that are tailored to the needs of the organization.
  • Architecture and Design services with reviews conducted at regular intervals to improve web application security and ensure that security is embedded from the start of the SDLC.


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