Building a Multi-Tiered AWS Environment for a FinTech Startup



Accelerating the journey to a secure cloud transformation
Executive leaders at a financial technology startup needed to stand up a multi-tiered AWS environment that could host their core application. To keep pace with business changes, they sought a fast, secure solution within a limited operating budget. The client trusted Optiv experts to design a secure cloud transformation strategy to ensure scalability and ease of use within the AWS environment.


How Optiv Helped


Architecting a scalable and secure solution
Optiv led focus sessions with key stakeholders to align on security needs. This discovery supported Optiv’s AWS investment case that determined the level of investment needed to close the maturity gap between the current and target environments.  With a blueprint for establishing multi-tiered virtual private clouds and built-in security layers with AWS Landing Zone, Optiv designed a resilient AWS architecture.
To develop this customized environment, Optiv performed a security tool rationalization that evaluated the necessity of each AWS service based on client use cases. Ensuring that the environment was securely optimized, Optiv collaborated with the client to design an AWS compliance model. Through careful customization and dedicated training sessions, Optiv empowered this startup to grow securely and at scale.
AWS provides the ideal flexibility and ease of use for the client. Leveraging the AWS Landing Zone, Optiv built a layered, multi-tiered cloud security architecture to enhance the organization’s scalability and resilience to critical cyber threats. Optiv’s unique partnership with AWS allows clients to focus on achieving business outcomes, while also gaining confidence in their cybersecurity capabilities.

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Industry Served: Financial Technology

Client Challenges

  • Lack of consensus on the AWS environment structure
  • Uncertainty of native AWS capabilities and security requirements
  • Lack of operational and security expertise for AWS environments
  • Limited operating expenses and a rapid deployment timeline

Optiv’s Actions

  • Designed a secure cloud architecture for the target-state AWS environment
  • Created a secure cloud strategy with a deployment roadmap
  • Utilized the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator to enable rapid deployment
  • Trained the client on operationalizing the environment to scale

Results/Client’s Success

  • Single pane of glass view of spending and on-demand usage monitoring
  • Increased AWS operationalization competency among client workforce
  • Layered defense-in-depth security and IoC templates to change provisions
  • Accelerated and simplified client consumption of AWS native services

Next Steps

  • Scalable AWS environment accommodates current and future workloads
  • Training events teach clients AWS functions and expenditure tracking

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