Cybersecurity Incident Response Services


Decrease Cyber Risk by Strengthening Detection, Response and Recovery Capabilities

Dispatch Threats Swiftly and Effectively with Incident Response


The variability of cyber attacks – their frequency, sophistication and severity – tests your defenses every day.


Organizations of all sizes need up-to-date, tested detection and response capabilities to thwart attackers and reduce risk. Our incident response programs enable enterprise security leaders to strengthen in-house capabilities and provide options that professional services firms can recommend to their clients.


The common thread in our programs? Customization. Every business is different, and our incident response strategies and tactics are tuned to the objectives and risk profile of each business.


Incident Response Retainer Service

A cyber incident response retainer ensures that you have cybersecurity professionals, services and tools to assist you within hours after an incident occurs. And, our incident response retainer options also include cyber incident response services like incident plan development, incident management testing/validation, playbook creation and post mortems. 


When you have an incident, one of our cybersecurity incident management coordinators leads response activities, which can include threat hunting, media forensics, malware analysis, containment and isolation.

A single point of contact simplifies and speeds communications and keeps everyone on track during a stressful time.


However you use retainer hours, you’ll find that our certified professionals are up to speed on industry nuances, strategic and tactical response requirements, holistic investigative methods and the latest forensic procedures. 


Why pre-negotiate retainer terms and conditions? So you have experienced experts ready to step in when you need us without paperwork delays.

Refresh and Update Your Incident Response Program

A formal incident response program can help reduce downtime, expedite incident remediation, lower overall impact and support program compliance. These outcomes can be accelerated with an approach like ours that includes an in-depth examination of your environment, industry best practices and alignment with the NIST Cyber Security Framework. 


We evaluate your existing controls, procedures, tools and technology in the context of the threat landscape. Then we create or refresh playbooks, processes, escalation plans and other elements. And, we build in continuous improvement based on resolved incidents.


Your updated program encompasses the essential incident response steps – identify, protect, detect, respond and recover – unified to decrease cyber risk.


Refresh and Update Your Incident Response

How Optiv’s Incident Response Program Works


Optiv’s Incident Response Program strategy includes a comprehensive, continuous process. Our initial assessment also explores your particular security challenges, industry considerations, the threat landscape and your threat response capabilities. The findings lead to recommendations for increasing your team’s efficiency in all stages of the incident response cycle: preparation; detection and analysis; containment, eradication and recovery; and post-incident program improvements.


Aligned with the NIST Cyber Security Framework, this program strategy includes: 


  1.  Identifying cyber risks to systems, people, assets, data and capabilities. 
  2.  Protecting delivery of critical infrastructure services and limiting impacts of cyber events. 
  3.  Detecting anomalies, incidents, events and potential impacts. 
  4.  Responding to incidents to mitigate impact, ensuring processes are executed during and after an incident and analyzing response. 
  5.  Recovering to normal operations to reduce the impact of an incident. 


Using this framework as a continuous process and guideline, Optiv’s subject matter experts can create or improve your incident response program to successfully identify, protect against, detect, respond to and recover from any cyber incident.

Improve Cybersecurity Outcomes With Systematic Incident Response Management


A strategic security incident management program based on NIST standards can simplify and expedite issue resolution, which in turn reduces incident impact and speeds recovery. 


A systematic approach increases consistency, decreases uncertainty and elevates your ability to identify, compensate for and remediate incidents with clear priorities and procedures. 


Find out how we apply our incident management framework to expedite issue resolution.


Get the Incident Management Program Service Brief

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