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Supercharge the Value of Your Data


Data is everywhere and it can be messy. Sometimes there are no easy ways to simplify it. Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Every corner of your business has a digital footprint, but harvesting new insights can require massive investment. 
  • Several people may be needed to answer your most basic business questions – and you may be waiting a while. 
  • Disconnected systems mean different answers – depending on where you’re looking. 
  • And your data is constantly being shaped, stretched, sliced, diced and sorted by multiple tools (which may or may not interact).

Data Strategy Tailored to Business Goals


Where to start? How to balance priorities, budgets, stakeholders and vendors? Many organizations know they could be doing more with their data, but day-to-day can feel “in the weeds.” Sometimes it helps to think big-picture. Connect today’s challenges with where your business is going.

Cyber Digital Transformation Service Brief


Cyber Digital Transformation: Data Solutions for Business and Security

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Learn what’s working and what to avoid.

We’ve helped businesses across many industries launch new data solutions. We’ve also turned around all kinds of sticky situations.

Data Science to Surface Transformative Insights

You need a process for extracting the maximum value from your data.


Our data scientists develop models that detect useful signals for your business. They follow proven methods and apply the latest research techniques to your unique challenges. They help detect the patterns and insights hidden in your immense data stores. Data science can surface promising opportunities that you might miss otherwise … which boosts your bottom line.


Organizations that have adopted ML are reaping a tremendous harvest. They’ve launched new lines of business, deepened their knowledge of customers, unlocked operational enhancements and stopped cyber attacks, fraud and other risks cold. 


Brilliant models aren’t enough, though. Most data science projects never make it to production and those that do often take a very long time. But the accelerating pace of digital business requires a fusion of research with production. 

We build models for results and translate theory into reality – faster. Our team blends probability, statistics, software development and computer systems engineering, helping you establish the processes and technologies necessary to launch, monitor and scale machine learning (ML) models – all the while safeguarding against new cyber risks introduced by ML.


The result: systems that drive intelligent automation, game-changing insights and real-world value based on scientific insights into your data.


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Machine Learning: Key Adoption Cybersecurity Considerations

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Let’s Talk


Transforming Big Data Into Simple Decisions


Optiv meets our clients where they are.


  • Targeted visioning sessions
  • Holistic assessments of data and analytics capabilities
  • Customized blueprints
  • Hands-on implementation and delivery
  • Additional subscription-based run options to help you optimize your data environment 


Dozens of clients trust us to plan, build, implement and run their data solutions. We can help you turn data into game-changing outcomes, too.