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Discover and Govern Your Data

A by-product of today’s digital business, data is everywhere throughout your ecosystem. Discovering where that data resides is a crucial first step to knowing how to manage it.


But governance is more than a data awareness initiative.


Classifying data by type and format, identifying data owners, tracing data lineage to identify the risks it poses and setting standards for change management are vital efforts that help define the policies that will govern data for its life cycle – and ultimately drive data privacy and protection requirements across your environment. 

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of data in enterprise businesses meets quality standards.*

* Harvard Business Review


Leverage the Optiv Advantage


Data governance varies from company to company; there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our end-to-end approach is a systematic and iterative process to ensure a customized outcome that’s right for you. Led by our team of cybersecurity and data governance experts, our leading advisory services guide you in planning and developing an effective governance strategy that’s aligned with your business needs.


We then apply deep technical knowledge, best practices and certified skills to assist you in assessing, defining and operationalizing the policies and stewardship of your program that will govern your enterprise data throughout its life cycle.  


Bring a customized governance program into focus with Optiv.

Set the Ground Rules 

Data governance is one of the three components in our overall data practice. Fundamentally linked with data privacy and data protection  objectives, Optiv data governance offerings are integral in driving the responsible use, compliance, and security of the data in your care.


Optiv provides both advisory and implementation capabilities across all of our governance offerings: 

Discover Your Data

We use surveys, workshops, and leverage technology and our partner ecosystem to conduct both manual and automated data discovery to gain visibility into where and what kind of data resides in your environment. Ongoing discovery efforts identify any changes in your environment. 


Controlling the data in your care doesn’t end with discovery. We can help.

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Meet Your Data Governance Team


There’s a good reason why Optiv clients choose us for their data governance needs – and why you should, too. Our practice specialists serve as both advisors in the creation of an effective governance strategy and implementers in leveraging the appropriate technology to execute on that strategy. 


A Vendor-Agnostic Approach

We recognize that each of our clients is different – and so are their needs. Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures that 
any technology we recommend aligns and supports the requirements of your specific data governance solution. 


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