Network Security Services


Assess Your Defenses in and Around the Network

The Continuous Approach to Network Security

Network security is based on creating a secure foundation for not only devices but applications and users. And a continuous “care and feeding” plan is critical with a quickly changing landscape. 


At Optiv, our services address a wide range of topics across the network security domain and throughout the security technology lifecycle:

•    Firewalls

•    Network IDS/IPS

•    Network malware protection

•    Data loss prevention

•    Database protection

•    Database encryption

•    PKI

•    Segmentation

•    Network access control

•    Secure remote access

•    Route/switch/wireless

•    Network visibility

•    Load balancing


•    Secure access service edge


What About Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Network Security?


Optiv’s third cybersecurity field guide will help you better understand SASE, the promise of its future, its benefits and hurdles, and includes a list of SASE providers.


Cybersecurity Field Guide #3: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with SASE

Optiv Network Security Services



Network Security Architecture Review


Optiv can help you review your network security architecture to identify and close the gaps.



Network Segmentation Summit


Optiv’s Network Segmentation Summit helps organizations improve their network access control and protection.



SASE Workshops


In Optiv's SASE Workshops our experts guide your team through a range of topics.

Our Network Security Partnerships


We’ve partnered with leading network security partners to create a team ready to help advise, deploy and operate the technologies that best meet your requirements. 


Our Partners

See How Our Network Security Experts Can Help

We’re a team of seasoned practitioners passionate about producing measurable business outcomes for our clients. We specialize in all organization sizes, industry verticals, and identity maturity levels. Our deep expertise consists of the following talent levels and industry accolades.






500+ technology consultants on staff with expertise in 50+ OEMs






>90% of projects are delivered successfully, on-time and under budget






Deliver 2,000+ security technology projects annually






Consultant competency tracked and measured two ways:

  • Technology certifications 
  • Qualifications: basic, advanced, expert


Core IT Infrastructure

Improve overall security posture

Network Security

Protect your environment while maintaining connectivity

Cloud Security

Optimize architecture for cloud adoption

Security Intelligence

Use case-driven for increased efficiency

Application Delivery

Optimal security and performance

Data Security

Strengthen security controls

Endpoint Security

Protection for any device

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Zero Trust LP List Image


Adopting Zero Trust


Zero Trust architecture hardens security strategy by eliminating traditional perimeter models and instead, opts for a perimeter-less “never trust” model.



Security Technology Rationalization


Optiv's Technology Rationalization assessment helps organizations evaluate and optimize their security technology environment to improve what works and trim what doesn't.



Security Technology Services


Optiv’s technology services help businesses strengthen their security posture and maximize their security investments.



Authorized Cybersecurity Support Services


Optiv's Authorized Support services offer clients quick resolutions to security issues for all device support requirements, all day every day.

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