Web Application Security Assessment


An Adversarial Perspective of Web Applications

What are Some AppSec Security Challenges?

Software vulnerabilities. They’re still a huge target for attackers. Even after leveraging regular testing, code reviews and the best scanning tools, your security team may still be struggling to find and remediate vulnerabilities. And this puts your organization at risk.


You probably:


  • Have too many applications and may not even know what they all are or if they meet compliance standards
  • Have application developers who aren’t security professionals, which means that security for applications is not their priority


Vulnerabilities in applications are among the most significant threats because many issues are the result of an application’s logic and design and aren’t readily identified by automated scanning software programs.


Optiv can help with our real-world adversarial tactics and techniques.




of enterprises say they have little

or no confidence that application

developers in their organization practice secure design,

development and testing of



*Source: Ponemon Group

Optiv’s Holistic Approach Web Application Assessment


Optiv builds an understanding of web applications and their supporting environments before testing. Our process:



Develop a profile



Data storage and




Manual testing



Network testing



Static analysis of

source code

We’ll assess your current web application security development practices and identify gaps where people, process or technology can be deployed to mature your AppSec program, which improves your web application security posture.

Optiv web application security offers:


  • Socially-distanced testing
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Clear continuous communication of testing status and findings identified
  • High-quality technical reports


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The Optiv Web Application Security Advantage


Our team of application security experts has extensive knowledge and experience in web applications and as-a-service architecture and penetration testing. We have an in-depth understanding of dynamic application and code scanning tools and methods and use these in conjunction with manual testing performed by expert security analysts.



Highly technical security consultants dedicated boutique-style application


Years combined programming and AppSec experience


Out of 10 of the Fortune 10 companies, 
utilize our AppSec services


Lines of code reviewed in 2019


Applications are tested every year


Of high-risk vulnerabilities are exploited

before they become incidents

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