Application Security Assessments


An Adversarial Perspective of Applications

Optiv’s Holistic Approach to Application Assessments


Optiv builds an understanding of applications and their supporting environments before testing. Our process:


Application profiling



Threat Analysis



Manual testing



Network testing



Static analysis of

source code

Optiv application security testing offers:


  • Assessment deliverables include a severity-ranked list of security vulnerabilities, along with recommendations for remediation
  • Dedicated project managers and consulting resources with matching experience are assigned to your project
  • Optiv experts provide peer review and quality assurance for assessment deliverables
  • Our tool-assisted, manual testing methodology finds significantly more vulnerabilities than automated scans alone


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Types of Application Assessments at Optiv

API Assessment: Security testing of APIs and web services, including external, internal, and cloud API endpoints.


Cloud Infrastructure Assessment: Testing intended to determine security, performance, and reliability of a client's cloud infrastructure. Includes assessing the architecture, configuration, and management of cloud environments to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.


Database Security Review: Security testing of database instances and servers, including internal and cloud databases. The assessment evaluates the database configuration and security controls in place.


Mobile Application Assessment: Security testing of applications built for iOS and Android platforms

Source Code Review: Tool-assisted manual inspection of application source code to identify elusive security vulnerabilities that make an application susceptible to attack.


Thick Client Assessment: Manually testing of internal and external-facing desktop and server applications for application security vulnerabilities.


Web Application Assessment: Comprehensive security testing of web applications, including external, internal, and cloud applications.


Web Application Vulnerability Scan: High-level security testing of web applications, including those in external, internal, and cloud environments. Includes custom scan setup, false positive removal, and high-assurance reporting.

The Optiv Application Security Advantage


Our team of application security experts has extensive knowledge and experience in applications of all forms – web, API, thick client, mobile, cloud, SaaS – and the architectures and environments supporting them. We have an in-depth understanding of dynamic application and code scanning tools and methods and use these in conjunction with manual testing.



Highly technical security consultants dedicated boutique-style application


Years combined programming and AppSec experience


Out of 10 of the Fortune 10 companies, 
utilize our AppSec services


Lines of code reviewed in 2022


Applications are tested every year


Of high-risk vulnerabilities are exploited

before they become incidents

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