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Cybersecurity Is Too Important to Do It Alone

Reduce Cybersecurity Complexity, Maximize Investments and Improve Maturity With a Security Fusion Center


Your organization has adopted innovations that change how you operate. But has your security operations program kept up? Just treating symptoms isn’t sustainable. Instead, it’s time to mature and elevate your security operations via innovation that has the right balance of people, processes, and technologies to reduce risk, optimize spending, improve maturity, and most importantly, enable you to consistently achieve your business goals well into the future. 


Many traditional managed security service providers (MSSPs) focus on a  one-size-fits-all approach with minimal flexibility and visibility into your environment. Unfortunately, this leaves you with the task of customizing your security program to fit your MSSP while also struggling with staffing constraints, scalability, and limited budget.


So, where do you start and what do you look for when evaluating your security program?


Start with Optiv. We’re here to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.  

What is a Cyber Fusion Center?


Over the past few years, organizations have made significant investments in their security operations centers (SOCs) to defend against complex threats. However, as the velocity and complexity of today’s threats grow, many SOCs struggle to keep up. This has inspired the evolution of advanced fusion centers (AFCs) to not only detect and respond but deliver preventive and proactive components.

Optiv’s Cyber Fusion Center Matures Your Security Program


Through Optiv’s Cyber Fusion Center service, you’ll realize the full capability and value of your technology investments through continuous optimization, tailored configurations, and a white-glove approach to managing technologies with improved security program maturity.


If you have the right technology but can’t find the resources to take your organization to the next level of maturity, Optiv’s Fusion Center brings cybersecurity expertise, in collaboration with your business knowledge, to deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution allowing for higher quality and improved maturity.



Are you struggling with…



Let Optiv’s Fusion Center move you from a compliance-driven basic security functionality to an integrated, comprehensive, and mature security program with people, process, technology, and your business functions working together.


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Leverage the Technology You Have With Our Experience-Built Security Fusion Center


Optiv’s methodology consists of a robust set of guidelines, activities, tasks, tools and leading practices. The Optiv approach incorporates management elements, such as a governance framework, information technology services management (ITSM) standard processes, a designated program and project management team, vigorous planning and tracking, and a communication plan tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your stakeholders. 


You benefit from:


Our Knowledge


We’ve monitored and managed information security technology and endpoints for enterprise clients for years and offer service options that act as a remote extension of your security staff.

Our Experience and Expertise 


With 12,000+ customers in multiple industries and premium partnerships with 400+ leading security technology manufacturers, we’ve got the expertise, experience, and resources to deliver the results you need.

Our Program Management Methodology 


The right people and technology expertise ensures we deliver on the scope of services you’ve chosen, including technology management, threat intelligence, extended detection and response and risk management. 

Optiv’s Fusion Center provides your security and IT team with comprehensive reporting on a scheduled basis built out within your environment.  

Your Fusion Center Cybersecurity Experts


Meet your purpose-built team, with 24/7 operations that remotely work within your environment to deliver:

  • Extended detection and response (XDR)
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • End-to-end technology management
  • Security automation & orchestration
  • Identity management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Internet of things/Operational technology – IoT/OT
  • Cloud security
  • Data loss prevention 
  • Program maturity improvement
  • Rapid response and remediation
  • Client-tailored experience
  • Quality assurance
  • Surge capacity
  • Integrated team (95+% retention +3Y)
  • White glove service – 3:1 client to analyst ratio

We have security use cases tailored to your business that leverage 400+ metrics, rules and hunts.

discovery and enumeration icon


Discovery and enumeration 

Exploitation icon



Intelligent and context-driven icon


Intelligent and context-driven 

Persistence &  c2 methods icon


Persistence & c2 methods 

Action-on objectives & exfiltration icon


Action-on objectives & exfiltration 

Insecure practices and privacy controls  icon


Insecure practices and privacy controls  

Our security analysts use incident management best practices to expertly handle and triage tickets to mitigation or remediation to minimize the threat impact to your environment. 

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