IoT Security


Internet-connected Devices Create New Levels of Efficiency and Productivity — but They Must be Protected Against Attack

Identify, Secure and Monitor Your IoT Devices

As organizations modernize their systems, IoT devices have quickly become critical components for creating competitive advantages. Their addition to IT environments allows companies to create and use better data sets—allowing them to manage technology better, create operational efficiencies, increase output, reduce costs, and eliminate downtime.


Using Optiv services, you’ll better manage and protect all the IoT devices in your environment. You’ll gain new levels of visibility into IoT devices and data traffic so you can greatly reduce the risk of malware and targeted attacks and security incidents that can lead to stalled production, financial losses, or even theft of critical IP.


With Optiv, you’ll identify and track critical assets, risks and vulnerabilities—along with any anomalous or unauthorized behavior. Most importantly, you’ll prevent incidents quickly and easily across your increasingly complicated technical ecosystem before they can negatively impact the business.


Optiv Security Services


Optiv offers a variety of solutions to identify, segment and protect all of your IoT devices and the data they produce.




Define risk and best practices in a converging technology landscape.



IoT Discovery


Tap into your production network to identify any IoT connected devices and identify the most vulnerable assets.

IoT Procurement


Understand security in relation to IoT devices that your organization is looking to purchase and how they may affect your network.

Program Development


A policy-driven approach based on your organization’s business needs.


Connected Devices Have Expanded Attack Vectors


Connected devices promise tremendous advantages in terms of optimizing operations and streamlining production processes…but they also create significant, often overlooked security challenges.


It’s possible to defend against these types of attacks by developing a stronger security strategy that covers all your connected devices. With Optiv, you’ll build a program that’s aligned with your unique business needs to deliver documented, verified results.

Why Clients Choose Optiv

Outcomes that support your business:
  • Visibility of all devices connected to your network
  • Reduced attack footprint
  • Connect devices safely on-premises or in the cloud
  • Accelerated time to market through better decision making

Secure your increasingly connected IT estate


As IoT devices and the data they produce become more important to businesses like yours, the need to properly secure them grows. Even though IoT devices present new vulnerabilities, security teams often don’t have the time or expertise to secure them effectively.


Our IoT Security Services team can help you navigate your rapidly expanding security environment and define requirements to develop a robust approach to defending your internet-connected devices. Contact us today.