Co-Managed SIEM Service


Expert resources that help your organization proactively stay on top of threats and detections 24/7/365.

Run Your SIEM With Surgical Precision

Can we talk shop for a moment? So, you have Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology in place — and that’s all fine and dandy — but is it really getting the attention it requires to perform and protect your organization?


SIEM platforms have undergone significant evolution since their inception, adapting to the ever-changing cyber landscape. They have become more adept at monitoring and analyzing cloud-native logs, detecting anomalous behavior, identifying new attack patterns and improving overall threat intelligence. Improved automation and orchestration capabilities have also allowed SIEM platforms to streamline incident response, reducing the time between threat detection and mitigation.

With these advancements, SIEMs have become more indispensable than ever. But do you feel like you are getting the most value out of your platform? Managing and monitoring your SIEM effectively is a needy business, and it’s not only the balancing act of people, processes and technology. You must also juggle:


  • Multiplying threats 
  • An expanding attack surface 
  • Evolving compliance demands 
  • Talent shortages 
  • Budgetary constraints 

It’s a lot for any organization to handle, and it’s not getting easier. Fortunately, you don’t have to brave the cyber chaos alone. Optiv was recognized in the August 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Managed SIEM as a Representative Vendor in Co-Managed SIEM and Security Monitoring, so you know you’re in good hands.

With a Co-Managed SIEM, You’ll Shift Your Defense From Reactive to Proactive

A partnership with Optiv’s SIEM engineers delivers results.


Enlist Optiv’s co-managed SIEM service to help monitor your security events with just-in-time threat intelligence. We manage your logs and data while identifying priorities. Hand the day-to-day alert management to our experts, and we’ll move the ball even further to hunt threats, analyze intelligence and investigate potential problems. 

Millions of Logs

Client devices send millions of logs 
to a co-managed SIEM


Human Analysis

SIEM sends alerts to threat analysts in SOC for human analysis 

100s of Events

SIEM correlates events based on Optiv content enriched by threat intelligence


Actionable Findings

Optiv provides clients with actionable findings, including prioritization of incidents  

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Discover the Upsides of Co-Managed SIEM


Ok, let’s get to the pluses. The perks. The protein. Optiv’s co-managed SIEM allows you to:


Move beyond alerts to improve risk awareness through quick incident investigation and risk validation.


Expand your crew and your skillset by leveraging Optiv’s virtual team 24/7/365. We bring the expertise and people to help you perfect your program. We monitor the threat landscape and generate creative ways to help our clients stay ahead of ongoing threats.


Scale your cyber initiatives with SIEM. Compartmentalize all your tools and capabilities into one common language making it easier to build common processes, weave in automation, and truly integrate your SIEM platform.


Shift to intelligence-driven operations using Optiv’s Global Threat Intelligence Center (gTIC) tools and resources. Optiv’s team of intelligence analysts sort through the overwhelming noise within the threat intelligence community to find your business the most meaningful and actionable insights to strengthen your security posture.

Our Co-Managed SIEM Partners Are Top-Notch

We meet you wherever you are on your SIEM journey. Part of that means leveraging our legion of market-leading partners to match you with the most fitting solution to your way of doing business. We don’t play favorites. This is about the best solution for you.


Optiv’s SOC experts will often be accompanied by a member of our strategy team to ensure you are picking the perfect solution to achieve your security goals.

Every engagement starts with a consultation covering future plans, current technology within your environment, and all the details that make your security team unique. The details are important, and our security veterans want you to know every one of them before you make your selection.


Take the consultative approach with Optiv. We won’t force any solutions on you, and we want what is best for your organization.

We’ve SIEM This Before 


Experts. Knowledge. Experience. Optiv hits the trifecta in every engagement to help our clients face the future with complete confidence. Here are a few more reasons why clients choose us to co-manage their SIEM solution:


Clients choose Optiv MSS for Co-Managed SIEM


On-demand operational support


Security incidents managed annually 


SIEM operational support cases processed per year 


Security Operations Centers


Engineers and analysts supporting SIEM


Security events processed per year