Managed Privileged Access Management (PAM)


Protect privileged access. Enable and secure your digital business. Ensure compliance and cyber insurance requirements.

Difficulty Overseeing and Managing a Privileged Access Management Program

You might have a love-hate relationship with your PAM program. Some users in your organization need high-level access to resources to do their work. These accounts are called privileged for a reason. But how do you know what they’re doing with their user credentials? Are access privileges handled responsibly? Unauthorized access to just one privileged account could have catastrophic consequences. Comprehensive monitoring requires visibility into who, what, where, when and how.


How is your PAM program management working? For example, what are your processes for managing credentials when people come and go – and when ransomware makes a grab? Manual administration makes it difficult to keep up.

Privileged accounts are the #1 attack vector. ~20% of data breaches stem from stolen or compromised credentials. $4.5m is the average cost of breaches caused by these attacks.


IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

Optiv’s Holistic Approach to Privileged Access Management

Optiv, with technology partner CyberArk, provides the planning, implementation and ongoing management you need to protect privileged access and accounts continuously. A flexible, scalable and predictable model, Managed PAM secures and administers privileged credentials for humans and machines in the cloud.


Optiv experts use Agile Change Management to minimize disruption, enable fast user adoption and simplify program management. With our Managed PAM program, your internal security team can focus on other priority projects while we protect your privileged accounts from internal and external threats.


Here’s what you get with Optiv:


Managed PAM


Our Managed PAM solution simplifies your PAM program administration, enabling internal security teams to optimize their time and focus on other priority projects.

Strategy and Assessment

Our PAM experts will work with you to understand and evaluate your current privileged access security policies and tools – and to deliver a prioritized roadmap that achieves your recommended maturity level.

Optiv's Managed PAM Lets You Focus on Your Business


Our end-to-end solution simplifies PAM program administration, improves workforce security and reduces compliance and audit costs. Additionally, expect these Managed PAM outcomes:

  • Maximize the use and time of your IT resources, including a more efficient help desk.

  • Receive 24/7/365 service coverage from certified engineers.

  • Reduce operational costs, partly through automation and prevention of unauthorized user access and related consequences.

  • Enable secure DevOps using secrets management, secure container management and more.

  • Gain visibility into your program that helps you maintain compliance with regulations and cyber insurance.

Our Managed PAM Team


Who They Are


Optiv’s experts comprise of directors, managers, enterprise architects and engineers skilled in PAM and identity access management (IAM). They average 15 years of experience in solving complex IAM and PAM challenges.

Certifications Held

  • Certified Delivery Engineer (CDE)
  • CyberArk Certified Privilege Cloud (CPC) Delivery Engineer
  • Six Sigma Green Belt, MBA
  • Prosci, Agile Scrum, Agile OCM, PMP, Lean Change Management



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