Identity and Access Management: Digital Access Management


Maintain Secure Access to Business System Resources and Cloud Data for Employees, Partners and Customers

Wherever You Are, Safely Reach What You Need


Running a thriving business means ensuring that those who need to access your system resources (including employees, partners and customers) can do so in a way that’s seamless for them and secure for you and your data. However, you aren’t guaranteed to meet these requirements without a centralized view or control over applications and users.


Optiv is well-versed in the nuances of identity and access management (IAM) technology advancements and advisory approaches that provide you the most up-to-date options for organizations of any size and industry. Our IAM experts can help guarantee your users have access to resources and data from the cloud, IoT devices and on-premises applications while reducing the risk of security breaches. 

Getting Authentication Right


Getting authentication right is difficult. Let us help you simplify the complex world of modern authentication with a team that brings years of experience (and the industry awards to prove it) to the process of implementing security solutions and protecting millions of digital assets and digit identities.

As your trusted partner, allow us to help you solve your toughest challenges:


  • Secure remote workers
  • Reduce IT friction 
  • Transform into a digital platform
  • Modernize infrastructure 
  • Secure access to APIs
  • Protect against account takeover
  • Application integration

How Do We Do It?


Optiv’s methodology includes planning for your business outcomes and designing, developing and implementing your technology based on best practices. Our industry-leading position in the field drives a holistic perspective and we incorporate organizational change management as part of the process.



Workshops and Assessments


Create a tailored a strategy and program across people, process and technology.

Architect and Design


Process and control implementation for an optimal environment to support business needs.

Elevate IAM Program


From tactical projects to a strategic security program.

Develop a Uniform Digital Experience


Establish processes that not only ensure appropriate access but provide quick and easy user access.

Project or Program Management Oversight


Give the IAM program more visibility across key stakeholders and integration with compliance and security programs.

Extend Cybersecurity Investments


Place identity and data access at the core of security strategy.

Leverage Our Identity and Access Management Technology Partnerships


We’ve partnered with leading identity and access management providers across access governance, privileged access management and data security and analytics to create a team of experts ready to help advise, deploy and operate the technologies that best meet your requirements.


Our Partners

Digital Access Management in Action


The best way to keep your resources and data secure is to see who is accessing them and ensure that list is limited to the right people. Digital access management, as a component of your IAM program, will oversee privileged accounts while protecting your most important materials.


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In-Depth Look at Optiv’s Digital Access Management Services What do Optiv’s IAM offerings look like? See proof of our success, follow our implementation process and more


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Digital Access Management Working at the Highest Levels 
How does IAM work in the field? See how a medical research school employed digital access management services to monitor their endpoints, secure their email against phishing and manage the identity/access of all users.



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