Data Governance, Privacy and Protection


Make Sure You Have All the Data Dimensions Covered To Truly Address Data Security

Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

Data is the cornerstone of all companies today — it is how we operate, make decisions, gain insights, and create value. Data is now the most valuable asset on the balance sheet, growing at an astounding rate. It also carries an inordinate amount of risk if not proactively managed.


Imagine a world where all data is governed, all privacy concerns are addressed and protecting and managing data throughout its lifecycle is a given. You’re probably part of the way there, but together we can move toward a better future state, regardless of your starting place. In the end, having all three interwoven domains of data governance, privacy and protection working together will enable you to have a rock-solid foundation to truly secure the data that matters.


Got gaps? No problem, we’re ready to go to work.

The majority of the world’s data has come about in only the past two years

Source: US Chamber of Commerce

By 2022, 70% of the globe’s GDP will have undergone digitization


Source: World Economic Forum

Three Dimensions: The Essential Foundations to Enable Data Security

Data Control. Data Respect. Data Protect.


The responsibility for data security spans across organizations. But, given all the facets – including governance, privacy and sensitive data protection, it’s no longer just a security group issue. From the Chief Privacy Officer to the CISO to the Chief Data Officer, organizations understand that data poses complex business issues and requires concerted efforts to address data security across the board – no matter where it lives. Data security now must start with a solid program around governance, privacy and protection. It’s a shared responsibility.


At Optiv, we are singularly focused on solving data governance, privacy and protection challenges. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the role or individual leadership functions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have in-depth understanding of the full scope of the domain realms. If you need help, we have the answers.



Data Governance

Control the data in your care. 

Governance is understandably complex. From the discovery of data stores to setting policies and procedures to full lifecycle management, clients trust Optiv to deliver. 



Data Privacy

Respect the data in your care.

Data privacy has expanded beyond just meeting compliance requirements like GDPR. It is becoming a brand asset and consumer requirement. Let’s tackle data privacy together.



Data Protection

Protect the data in your care.

Global, national, on-prem, cloud… you need to feel confident that both the data you collect and the data that represents your company IP is secure. You’ve got options, let us help you design the best solution.

Why Optiv for Data Security?




Many firms just provide intangible direction – and leave you guessing on how to execute on the strategy. Others just push a piece of technology and send you on your way. Optiv brings it all together, start to finish, no matter where you are on the path to data security maturity. Advisory services with tech-agnostic foundations. Win-win.
Your Path Forward Is Always Clear

As navigators taking the lead or working side-by-side with your leadership, every client gets the best team — ‘been there, done that’ pros with diverse backgrounds including top tier consulting, hands-on security leaders and, practitioners and tech gurus. All skilled at pragmatic, proactive and achievable planning and deployment.

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