Enterprise Resilience


Anticipate New Risks and Weather Any Storm

Business Speed + Threat Complexity Call for Enterprise Resilience


Digital transformation (DX) has us plunging headlong into uncharted territory. If you’re a successful organization, riding out the turbulence means being ready for anything the future throws at you. Achieving such a future-built stature doesn’t require prophetic abilities. But it does assume that your operations will be disrupted at some point. 

To withstand ransomware and other evolving attacks, you need a sound strategy — one that builds resilience into your organization’s mindset, culture and approach. Accomplish this, and you’ll propel the implementation of resilient measures and practices across your enterprise, allowing you to meet and withstand any threat.

Optiv’s Cyber Resilient Approach


Cyber resilience lies at the intersection of cyber readiness (preparedness for if an attack happens); and cyber recovery (a more rapid return to a secure state when the inevitable happens). Readiness hardens your organization’s defenses to help minimize the impact of a potential cyberattack. Recovery gets you back to a secure state of full operation.


Cyber Readiness + Cyber Recovery = Cyber Resilience