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The Big Picture: Developing a Holistic Cyber Strategy



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And that’s just for starters. The modern enterprise has to keep a lot of balls in the air, and by the way, cybersecurity and digital transformation (DX) probably aren’t even core competencies.


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What is Cyber Strategy?


Cybersecurity strategy is an iterative process that aligns information risk management with organizational objectives. By managing, mitigating and reducing digital/cyber risk, the strategy promotes the business's overall success.
Most organizations revisit their cybersecurity strategy at least annually. It’s also essential to review and update strategy when the cyber risk landscape changes (with the emergence of new threats or regulatory requirements, for instance) or the business shifts its objectives.

Maximizing Growth and ROI with an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

We’ll collaborate on a cybersecurity strategy that drives better business outcomes through targeted services, building on deep experience in security, governance, risk and compliance (GRC), enterprise resilience, digital transformation (DX), cloud, analytics, automation, IoT and more. We’ll explore how a full-bodied risk strategy can grow your business and boost ROI.
Focused engagements and programmatic transformation start by understanding where you are  and where you want to go.

Cyber Strategy Service Areas



Digital Transformation


DX isn’t just changing how we do business. It’s changing what’s imaginable.



Enterprise Resilience


Resilience isn’t just about taking a punch. It’s about getting up stronger.



Security Maturity


Get from point A to point B. Or B to C. Or C to D….



Cyber Fraud Strategy


Optiv’s Cyber Fraud Kill Chain: bad for cyber perps, great for you.



Cyber Recovery


The best way to recover is in advance.



Cyber Education


The weakest link in any security program is people. Let’s strengthen your chain.



Cyber Strategy and Roadmap


How well does your security program map to your business objectives?



Security Operations


Weave and tailor security into every part of your enterprise.

Explore these disciplines to learn more, and when you’re ready,


drop us a line.

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