Manage Cyber Risk to Build Resilience


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Adapting to an Evolving Threat Landscape

To stay competitive, organizations are adapting to the latest and greatest in digital transformation faster than ever before. But as opportunities increase, potential vulnerabilities do too. In addition to focusing on threat prevention, businesses are now preparing for those “what-if” scenarios. How can your business, after experiencing an attack, thrive instead of just survive?



Proactive Cyber Strategies


Building resilience requires taking a proactive approach. Instead of responding to threats as they appear, Optiv helps shift your organization’s focus on establishing well-prepared defenses and rapid recovery solutions that integrate into all aspects of your organization. Optiv helps businesses test, identify, assess, classify and respond to vulnerabilities and cyber threats faster and with more accuracy through stronger cyber readiness, more secure critical assets and enhanced recovery capabilities.

Secure Your Organization’s Cyber Infrastructure

A new era of endpoint security has arrived, putting programs that rely solely on antivirus software and firewalls on the shelf next to flip phones and dial-up internet. Modern endpoint protection platforms deliver unparalleled value to today’s enterprises by decreasing false positives, greatly reducing uncategorized risk, aiding in compliance and ultimately upleveling any organization’s security infrastructure. Optiv’s expertise paired with industry-leading platforms equips organizations to streamline and enable modern endpoint transformation efforts and elevate security maturity.

Why Optiv for Endpoint Security

90+ years of IT/security experience
150+ certifications in endpoint technology 
55k+ endpoints managed


Strengthen Recovery Capabilities


Optiv’s proactive cyber resilience strategies help clients better maintain business continuity and more rapidly recover to a secure state when the inevitable happens. Don’t let an attack keep your business from reaching its goals. Contact us to see how our experts help you manage cyber risk to build resilience.

Manage cyber risk with an outcome-based approach to accelerate business progress.