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Address the Human Element of Your Security Program

Empower Your People to Protect Their Organization


No matter how advanced your organization’s security technology is, there will always be risk associated with your workforce. Human risk is difficult to quantify because stakeholders must consider every type of threat: malicious, negligent and compromised. Investing in a holistic program to educate and empower everyone who touches your network will inherently reduce risk by increasing awareness and impacting culture.


Optiv offers a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity education through both general end-user awareness and role-based training. Meaningful, relevant, current training content establishes a solid foundation for your general user base, while simulated phishing campaigns provide insight and create opportunities for risk mitigation.


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We work with your stakeholders to identify appropriate general end-user and role-based training to provide meaningful business impacts and personal relevance to end-users.

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We’ll help create an environment of awareness, including formalized training with reinforcement materials like newsletters, posters, digital images and simulated phishing campaigns.

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Our cyber education program is more than just content – it’s a strategy. We help you transform your organization’s culture into one of awareness, responsibility and ownership through positive behavior change.

Cybersecurity Education is More Than a Compliance Check Box


Historically, security awareness training programs involved an annual window with content driven by compliance requirements. With the evolving threat landscape, this approach is not enough. Each employee and contractor is a component of your defensive posture, and Optiv Cybersecurity Education programs not only address areas of need but also engage users to embrace and acquire meaningful behavior change.


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Gamified Courses. Defeat the Masterminds lurking in our CyberBOT® courses, capture the criminal in our Unpack the Hack® games or take on real-world scenarios with Optiv’s Security Awareness Circuit Training portfolio.

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Just-in-Time Training. Deploy microlearning courses to rapidly socialize emerging threats and/or reinforce appropriate, security-aware behavior without major impacts on business processes. Choose from Optiv’s 80+ Rapid Awareness and SecurityBytes microlearning courses (<5 minutes in length).

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Simulated Phishing. Assess end-user behavior and awareness with simulated phishing tests, and utilize analytics to inform security awareness training program decisions. Customize our library of 400+ email, landing page and training page templates for targeted stimulation, and auto-enroll your users into additional training based on their performance.

Incorporate Consistency, Variety, Relevance and Applicability



Knowledge retention decreases rapidly without consistent repetition, recall and practice. Optiv Cybersecurity Education programs that include formal courses, informal reinforcement materials and phishing simulations are more effective over time than a single annual training initiative.

Our goal is to help organizations develop a mature, successful security awareness training program that leads to positive behavior change.


reduction in cybersecurity risks for organizations that invest in security awareness training


of information presented in training is not retained after six days


of information presented in training can be retained with spaced repetition

Deploy Our Cybersecurity Education With Other Services


Optiv is your cybersecurity partner across people, process and technology. Build and strengthen your security posture by combining cybersecurity education with other Optiv services.


Supplement Services

Do you have other engagements with Optiv? Supplement your services with relevant training to gain insight, improve outcomes and better measure performance indicators.


For example, Optiv’s Third-Party Risk Management Basics course provides excellent background knowledge for clients with a third-party risk management engagement.

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Don’t have other engagements with Optiv? Training can help your team identify areas of need and discover potential security gaps.


For example, Optiv’s PCI DSS training portfolio examines PCI DSS requirements in-depth, but the addition of an Optiv PCI Workshop can assess and identify actionable results for compliance.

Incorporate Services

For an even more robust training program, organizations can incorporate other Optiv services to add insight and assess their return on investment (ROI).


For example, a program including developer training could incorporate an SDLC Workshop to assess whether developers are utilizing SDLC processes. Additionally, the inclusion of penetration testing as part of the program can help organizations assess the effectiveness of both security controls and user behavior to gauge ROI.

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